Affiliate Policy

At we may earn a sales commission when you order a product or service that we’ve reviewed, after clicking a link to the product from our site. Some of the affiliate programs that we take part in are ran through third party affiliate networks such as and the Amazon Partner Network. Others are ran through the product owners shopping cart system, like and Still others are ran via their own in-house affiliate system. This usually works by a cookie being set in your browser via the links on our website (cookies are normal, and used for many other legitimate reasons by most websites) that tells the product owner’s affiliate system that we referred you.

You do not Pay More
The sales commissions that we do earn are not at your expense. In other words, you do not pay anymore by ordering through our links that you would have paid if you had ordered directly through the site to begin with. In fact, sometimes we reveal discounts that can save you money. 

Our Pledge of Honesty
Though we all deal with a certain level of bias, especially when the opportunity to make money is present, we sincerely do our best to provide honest reviews on products that we sincerely recommend. If you would like us to review any particular product, feel free to click the “contact us” link at the top of the page to send your request our way. We can’t guarantee we’ll review it, but we’ll certainly consider it.