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B12 website is an AI-powered solution for professional service providers. Its client engagement tools and dedicated team of experts make it a powerful tool for businesses looking to grow their online presence.

B12 offers an intuitive editor and basic ecommerce tools. The platform also offers extensive third-party integrations and comprehensive marketing features.


AI DesignB12 uses artificial intelligence to create a draft of your website in just 60 seconds.
Human AssistanceAfter the AI creates the initial draft, a team of experts fine-tunes the design and content to ensure it meets your needs.
SEO OptimizationB12 websites are designed with SEO in mind to help your site rank higher on search engines.
Mobile OptimizationAll B12 websites are fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices.
E-commerce IntegrationB12 supports e-commerce functionality, allowing you to sell products directly from your website.
Custom DomainsYou can use a custom domain for your B12 website.
Website AnalyticsB12 provides detailed analytics to help you understand your website’s performance.
Email MarketingB12 includes email marketing tools to help you stay connected with your customers.
Online SchedulingB12 offers an online scheduling feature, making it easy for customers to book appointments directly from your website.
Website UpdatesB12 offers monthly website updates to ensure your site stays fresh and relevant.

Real-life use cases and examples

B12’s assisted website-creation services are a good option for those who require professional design and SEO assistance. Its website builder is somewhat more complex than the competition, but it still offers a good selection of resources and a decent editing flexibility. The company also provides streamlined integrations with a range of third-party platforms to enable you to add more functionality.

The company’s AI-powered platform automatically delivers an industry-specific draft for your website, and then assigns you a team of designers, copywriters, and launch experts to help you tailor it and get it online. This way, you can spend less time worrying about your website and more time running your business.

In addition to offering a variety of professionally-designed themes, B12 has built-in tools for creating and managing online bookings and appointments. It also allows you to sell products and services directly from your site. Moreover, you can use the company’s payment gateway to accept payments online and process transactions quickly. The company has a large selection of payment gateways, so you can easily find the one that’s best for your business.

The company has some nice features for small businesses, including embedded contact forms, online appointment scheduling, and marketing automation tools. It also offers a full client hub with contract management, email marketing, and eSignature tools to provide a seamless online experience for clients. Its pricing is a bit higher than some competitors, but it is still competitive in terms of features and quality. Its support center has a comprehensive set of articles and tutorials to assist you in getting started.


B12 offers an assisted design solution that combines the powers of artificial intelligence with a team of designers. This unique approach allows users to build a website that is optimized for SEO, and features tools designed to help businesses win business and serve their clients online.

The process starts by submitting basic information, including name, business information, and social media accounts. Then, the AI robots create a draft website within minutes and ask for feedback. This helps to ensure the final product is on-brand and meets aesthetic standards.

After the site is built, customers can use B12’s editing tools to make changes and updates. They can also request a professional design review to ensure their website is search-optimized and reflects current branding. B12 also provides ongoing maintenance and support. They will update your domain, SSL certificate, and other infrastructure components, and provide email marketing services.

B12’s cheapest DIY plan starts at $29 per month, and includes full editor functionality. The more advanced Standard and Premium plans include email marketing, a contact manager, and a selection of SEO tools. The company also offers a variety of professional creative services, such as photography and photo editing, copywriting, and on-page and off-page SEO for up to 15 pages.

Another feature that makes B12 stand out from other website builders is their ability to integrate with third-party apps. This allows for more customization and integration options, which can be helpful for smaller businesses. In addition, their website templates are customizable and can be easily adapted to fit the needs of different industries.

B12 is a great option for small businesses that are looking for a fast, affordable way to build a website. However, it is not the best choice for larger enterprises that have a lot of content to manage and want a more robust site.

Besides offering flexible pricing and design flexibility, B12’s service is backed by a team of experienced professionals, including web designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists. B12 also offers a free 30-day trial, and customers can choose to pay monthly or annually.

Design flexibility

B12’s AI-powered platform creates an industry-specific website draft, which can then be modified by the client’s own team or by the company’s design experts. This means that clients spend less time working on their websites and more time running their businesses. This is a key factor for small business owners, who often lack the budget and skills to hire a full-time web developer.

Once a website is live, B12 continues to monitor it and make monthly recommendations to keep it fresh, engaging, and on the cutting edge of web design trends. This is one of the best features of its kind, and it can help businesses keep their sites up-to-date without having to worry about coding or maintenance.

Unlike other website builders, B12 doesn’t limit the amount of custom content its customers can add to their site. Instead, users can edit their site with a simple, intuitive editor that lets them change text and imagery on the fly. Moreover, the editor loads 7x faster than other site builders, making it easy to make changes quickly.

B12 also includes built-in ecommerce and scheduling tools to make it easier for small business owners to engage with their clients online. Using the Calendly plugin, businesses can allow their clients to schedule appointments and sign contracts online in a matter of seconds. Moreover, they can invoice clients online and track payments with ease.

As a bonus, premium customers can get their business listed in up to 40 local directories and search platforms. This can significantly boost the number of potential leads and customers. In addition to this, B12 offers a variety of email marketing solutions and online appointment booking options to further enhance client engagement.

In case of any issues, B12’s support center contains a wealth of articles and resources to help users get started. Its customer support representatives are always available via chat and phone. Moreover, B12 has recently launched an app that allows users to manage their websites from their phones.

Although B12’s assisted design solution is a little expensive, it still provides a lot of value for its users. Its unique platform and helpful resources make it a worthy competitor to other website builder services, although its somewhat confusing editor may turn off some people.


The website builder features a built-in SEO tool, allowing you to choose keywords for your business and optimize your website for search engine results. B12 also offers professional assistance to help you enhance your site’s visibility in the market. Their plans vary in cost, but all include a free domain name and hosting. They also provide a free website mobile app that allows you to create and edit your website on the go.

The platform’s design tools and templates are simple to use and intuitive, so users can build a website in just a few clicks. The site’s AI automatically selects and applies a design theme, and the system will also suggest images and text that match your business. Additionally, the software integrates with third-party apps to automate email marketing and improve client engagement. The platform is a good choice for businesses looking to expand their reach in the online marketplace.

B12 is a promising up-and-coming player in the website-builder space. It has a unique approach to creating websites, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and human designers. Its customer support is based in New York and is only available during working hours. B12’s pricing is more expensive than other website-builder services, but its level of service is more typical of a traditional agency.

B12 offers a wide variety of integrations for professional service providers, including appointment scheduling, payments, and contact management. The company’s SEO capabilities are also impressive, enabling customers to rank high in search results. The company has a number of subscription-based packages that offer different levels of customization, design, and SEO services.

Atlas Law, a small-business accounting firm in San Diego, hired B12 to redesign its outdated website. Jia was impressed with the initial AI-generated draft and scheduled a consultation with a design consultant. The firm has since experienced significant growth thanks to its new website. The firm now ranks highly on search engines and has received numerous new clients.

In addition to enhancing the look and feel of a business’s website, B12 offers an SEO strategy that includes on-page optimization and implementing SEO best practices. The firm’s expert team also provides regular updates, keeping sites current and competitive in their markets.

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