tBuilderall Review 2021: Pricing, Plans and New Features

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Name: Builderall 3.0

Description: Builderall is an all-in-one digital online business builder and marketing platform.

Author: Aaron



Builderall is successful at bringing a myriad of tools in a single platform. With the Builderall 3.0, you get your own website hosting, email autoresponder, CRM, affiliate management, and so much more. I would definitely recommend Builderall 3.0 for any business.

If you like the idea of having all your own marketing tools on a single platform, I definitely recommend you should get the Builderall 3.0.

builderall review free trial

Builderall logo

The latest version of Builderall has been officially launched!

Builderall made some major changes across multiple apps. With the upgraded Builderall version and brand new Builderall 3.0, it makes it easier for users to access tools and apps that they need to boost their marketing campaigns and online presence.

Builderall Overview

Developed by Erick Salgado, Builderall is a digital online business builder and marketing platform.


Builderall is a SaaS platform which means you don’t need to download or install it to start using it. You just have to simply register for an account and login to access everything.

Builderall vs Builderall 3.0: What’s the difference?

Builderall 3.0 is a complete upgrade on the specification of the original Builderall. It was launched on July 4, 2019. The upgraded version comes with a suite of digital marketing tools and apps, made new and enhanced for overall performance and usability.

They also customize the dashboard and layout of the platform. The new design makes it easier for users to navigate through the platform. With a variety of tools and apps, sometimes you still have to scroll through to find the ones you’re going to need and install.

With the brand new Builderall 3.0, it becomes easier for users to find their favorite apps by displaying only the ones they use most often. This helps them become more productive and boost team performance as well.

Builderall Review

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From sales pages, landing pages, sales funnels, website builder, real-time analytics, autoresponders, and so much more, you’ll get all the tools in one place.

Learn more about how Builderall can help bring your ideas to life:

What’s great about the new Builderall

Few of the many amazing things about Builderall are the following tools (which I am also currently using):

  • The Cheetah Drag N Drop Website Builder that enables you to build professional and responsive websites, pages, and funnels with the simple and super-easy drag and drop editor.
  • Builderall’s signature funnel builder also known as Builderall Canvas, which allows you to map out and create an entire sales funnel by simply dragging and dropping various elements on a page.
  • Mailing Boss is a smart email marketing automation that lets you create email campaigns, and send emails to your customers and contacts.

In Builderall 3.0, there were 3 new digital marketing tools added on the platform. This includes Canvas, Online Store Builder, and Magazine Builder.

The Canvas Funnel Builder is a new drag and drop sales funnel builder. There’s also a BA ecommerce feature by Magento aka Online Store Builder. From creating landing pages and funnel campaigns to capturing emails, Builderall 3.0 provides more great opportunities for its users to market their business.

The Magazine builder allows you to create a professional magazine instead of a newsletter to keep your readers updated. Basically, it looks like flip-through pages. It’s a great lead magnet to capture leads and build an authority in your niche. Who says it’s impossible to incorporate magazines into your website? This is another excellent feature of the Builderall 3.0 toolset.


From checkouts to payment gateways, contact and registration forms, scrolling or time intent pop-ups, countdown and evergreen timers, and more, you can find a variety of elements and add them to your website.

You can even make your site much better with applications such as browser notifications, SEO tools, A/B testing features for your pages, and Facebook or Google Pixel through the Builderall 3.0 tool.

builderall review free trial
Who can use Builderall?

It can benefit bloggers, service-based businesses, startups or launches, ecommerce businesses, consultants, B2B businesses and many more. It has tons of templates for a particular niche like fitness or health, chiropractic physician, beauty salon, dental professional and accountancy.

Complete Beginners

Starting a simple drag and drop editor website builder, sales funnels and landing pages has never been easier than this.

Product Creators

If you are thinking of hiring someone to build a professional sales page for you, try Builderall 3.0.

Affiliate Marketers

Who doesn’t want to make money online? Builderall 3.0 is a great place for affiliate marketers looking to build a platform that promotes trust and credibility for their potential customers.

App Developers

Yes, you can also build stunning and responsive websites for your clients.

Email Marketers

How much do you pay for email services like Convertkit or Aweber? With over thousands of subscribers, I bet you might start switching to Builderall 3.0.?

Companies and Businesses

Build professional websites that attract clients and boost your sales.[/vc_column_text]

Builderall 3.0 Pricing and Plans

Builderall Pricing

There are various packages and solutions for all Builderall 3.0 members and users.

You can buy the Basic Membership for $29.99 monthly. Also, you can get the 2-tier Commercial License or Premium Package for only $69.90 monthly (available for a limited time) and start making 100% commissions instantly. With the premium package, you’ll get unlimited leads and all the marketing tools, plus you can access unlimited training and support from the Builderall 3.0 community.

And oh, you can also always start with Builderall 3.0 and try it FREE for 7 days. (No credit information needed to get started) With the free trial, you can access the Cheetah builder and start building your own site or funnels. Each plan comes with an SSL certificate as well except for the free plan.

builderall review free trialThey have also changed different pricing packages several times. Currently, there are 4 competitive pricing solutions on the website to help you get started in Builderall 3.0. Plus, the free trial plan.

The builder, marketer and essential plan is designed for a basic online presence with email marketing. If you are an affiliate marketer, web developer or designer, sales funnel builder, then the premium plan is a more suitable plan for you. The most expensive Builderall 3.0 plan on the platform only costs $69.90 monthly.[/vc_column_text]

The latest Builderall Features

Funnel Builder

Builderall 3.0 offers a number of website builders including:

  • Cheetah Drag N Drop Responsive Builder
  • Drag and Drop Pixel-Perfect Builder
  • Mobile First Drag and Drop Builder

The Pixel Perfect Builder enables you to create your website in 3 different formats, so you can fully control how your site looks on any device. This gives you control over the design or appearance of your site across all devices.

If you would rather design your site once, and let Builderall take care of ensuring your site is responsive on all devices, then you should use the Drag and Drop Responsive Builder. Both Builders work in the same style, allowing users to drag and drop elements around the page, change colours, text, add extra elements, and much more.

The Mobile-First Drag and Drop Builder also provides the same user-friendly experience as the two previously mentioned builders, so you can quickly create your mobile-friendly and responsive site without coding. This is essentially helpful for complete beginners.


Builderall provides a number of design tools and features to ensure your images, videos, and other media and visual elements are compelling and work coherently throughout the site. The design tools available includes:

  • Design Studio – Create amazing images and videos for your website, products, courses, eBooks, social media, and more.
  • Photo Studio – Edit your photos, add effects and text, change the size and backgrounds, and more.
  • Builderall Image Spinner – Create attractive 3D images for your products to help increase sales.
  • Video Editor – Produce animated videos, add animations, text, and sound, and then publish them on the channels of your choice.
  • Floating Videos – Grab the attention of your audience with floating videos on your web pages. Simply design your video, install a pixel to the page you want the video to be displayed on, and then let the video run.

As you can see, whatever your design needs are, Builderall always has the tool and functionality to cater to your project.

Cheetah Drag N Drop Website Builder

One of the best features that I love about Builderall 3.0 is the Cheetah Builder. It allows you to build optimized, responsive and professional websites, pages and even funnels with the drag and drop editor in just minutes.


Some great features of Cheetah drag and drop site editor are its pre-made templates. These templates include images, headlines, video placements, lead forms, and more. You can also add banners, CTA, checkouts, contacts, headers, footers and testimonials. It’s easy to add and customize your page through these templates to meet your design requirements and needs.

Most Builderall users would agree that it’s really easy to use plus it’s mobile-ready. You don’t need to worry about how the design of your page will look on mobile devices. If there’s one thing that you need to work on to make it look great on mobile is to learn some of the basic web design practices. If you’re using a lot of images on the website, try to reduce the image size in mobile or try to hide some of those images.


The Canvas Funnel Builder is a brand new addition to Builderall and something that you won’t find anywhere else.


The tool allows you to work on various different pages and funnels. It supports virtually any type of funnel type and complexity you can come up with, including pre-made templates for webinars, memberships, product launches, and more.

Pixel Perfect Builder

This tool is specifically designed for building professional websites and landing pages.


It lets you manage your pages, optimize it and boost for SEO, and create responsive opt-ins and squeeze pages.

There are also various templates you can choose from for your niche or industry. They also added tons of functionality and simplified the interface and how you use the elements to the page. And more importantly, the templates are mobile-optimized and responsive.

Sales Funnels

The sales funnel templates are designed mainly to help boost your sales and conversions. Templates come with a variety of options, integrations, and checkout possibilities, including two and three-step checkouts. You can also enable cross and up-selling at checkout too.

Mailing Boss Autoresponder

Mailing Boss autoresponder handles your email marketing, and it’s not just limited to the autoresponder part of email marketing. It allows you to create email campaigns and subscriber list.


In Builderall 3.0, they also added a few elements on the autoresponder system to improve your workflow sequences including Instant Message and Tags.

Web Hosting

Instead of buying your own hosting to manage your sites and sales funnels, Builderall 3.0 lets you host your websites and funnels at no extra cost.

Here’s a short video on how you can purchase and connect a domain to Builderall.

builderall review free trial

Did you also know that Google requires websites to get SSL certificates? If you check most websites, you may have noticed how all websites use https:// instead of http://. That means these websites are secured.

Builderall automatically adds SSL certificates to your site to make it secure.

You can also host your websites, funnels and other elements and publish them through a dedicated local Builderall server. All maintenance, security and backup issues are taken care of.

The Builderall CDN network boasts servers in 5 continents, ensuring fast loading speed and high uptime. You can also register up to 15 domains and unlimited bandwidth in each Builderall plan.

Email Templates

There are a variety of templates that you can choose from within the Builderall 3.0 platform.

You can quickly select or change templates in the email campaign editor. Here’s how it’s quickly done.

You can also send regular emails or send a beautiful, professional HTML email, which is important for you to attract clients and build loyalty among them.


The brand new ecommerce online store builder app enables you to promote your products just like Shopify or WooCommerce.


Once you launch the app, you’ll get to the page where it will ask you to create a store, set your domain, or use a free Builderall subdomain.

Builderall 3.0 CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


CRM lets you track all your leads and contacts, which is important for those who are looking to generate leads and manage them efficiently.

With the Builderall 3.0 CRM tool, you can follow your progress through the entire funnel process much easier. You’ll be able to see which pages are mostly visited, which emails get the most number of reads, even the links and downloads they access and click. This powerful tool gives you a perfect time to take your marketing strategy and campaigns to the next level.


They also updated the webinar platform. With Builderall 3,0, you can now quickly create sales and webinars with email systems, page builders, and video tools integrated into the app.


Although Youtube is a huge platform for video streaming and conferencing, you can also do the same with the new Builderall 3.0. From streaming options, screen sharing and webinar recording, it has everything that you need to create an interactive webinar.

SEO Report and Tools

Optimizing your page is an important way to increase your searchability, rank higher on the search engines and generate more leads.


Builderall features a Page Report Tool where you can analyze your page content, look at your TAGS, images and all meta information.

Sitebot and SMS messaging

Builderall 3.0 has a site bot where you can create chatbots using Facebook, reach out to your leads and engage with them. With the site bot, you can utilize the power of messenger bot tech on your site. It provides a way to run a Facebook-like chat box to increase your leads and maximize engagement.


Builderall 3.0 Add-ons

  • Inboxpath. This is your only and unique opportunity to have access to a tool that will improve your email deliverability and give you incredible results. The Inboxpath Inbox Delivery Tool is easy to use and can save you a lot of trouble.
  • Solo Ads. Solo ads is a highly-scalable PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic source. It is different from other red-tape-intensive self-serving PPC networks such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.
  • Facebook Ads Course. In this class, you will learn how to use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your business and why it is important. With Facebook ads, you spend your money targeting your audience and consequently improving your results. Examples of ads for you to understand how to advertise. You will also know the 3 ways to make money with Facebook.

Builderall 3.0 Pros and Cons

Builderall makes ads and marketing tools accessible and convenient for its users. You can save lots of money (and time) depending on the tools that you will utilize.


  • A myriad of apps and features to enhance your website and marketing funnels
  • Welcoming affordable price
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality training
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Easier to use than WordPress
  • High converting sales pages for product creators
  • Drag and drop website
  • Host unlimited domains
  • Create email accounts with your domain
  • Facebook app builder
  • Auto-responder with up to 10,000 subscribers
  • Reporting and tracking tools


  • Non-Wordpress
  • You can’t transfer your existing site
  • You have to pay to be an affiliate
  • Some apps have a higher learning curve
  • Inconsistent UX or interface throughout the platform
  • No live chat support

builderall review free trial

Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall 3.0 completely leveraged its affiliate program. They added some benefits and changes for its growing users.


To understand it better, here’s a video that explains the Builderall 3.0 Affiliate compensation plan.

To start with the Builderall affiliate program, you don’t need to pay any fee or purchase any product. This program is free. Also, affiliates don’t earn commissions through referrals. This is a 2-tier commission system. This means commissions are only generated once any of the Builderall plans are sold, and every affiliate earns recurring commissions from direct sales.

There’s also video training to help you get started in the Builderall Affiliate program.


Here are the best parts of the program:

  • 100% commissions on your referrals first-month payment.
  • $8/$20 recurring commissions depending on the referred plan.
  • $8/$15 retention bonus every 3 months your referrals stay on.
  • Earn a $50 car bonus for every 690 points earned. (best deal)
  • Earn up to 4 tiers of affiliate commissions.


There’s a support group for Builderall 3.0 members and users. You can access the Private Facebook Group (For Builderall members only). The Facebook group is run by moderators who proactively answer questions and engage the community.


The Builderall (Official) Facebook group has over 40,000 members. There are also groups for affiliates and the Builderall community. Its purpose is to let users share their experience with other users, and work together on how to improve their experience, better understand and use the platform together as a community.

They also provide weekly live training where you can learn new skills and experience inside Builderall. If you have any questions or you need help, you can always reach out to their friendly support via email. And, you can even find Builderall FAQs to help answer the frequent questions the team receives from the users.


Builderall support team offers 24/7 assistance through tickets and live chat during business hours. You may also visit this page for most Builderall FAQs users have about the platform and its features.

builderall review free trial

Software comparison

If you are on a budget and can’t afford the Clickfunnels, Builderall is a great option. Just like Clickfunnels, you can find all the digital marketing tools you need to succeed including sales funnels, blog, email autoresponder, chatbots and more. This Clickfunnels vs Builderall shows a great comparison between both digital marketing platforms so that you know which tool is best for your business.

Builderall 3.0 – Should you purchase it?

Yes, it’s an awesome deal. With all the digital marketing tools you can find in one place, Builderall 3.0 is worth the price. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to a product like Clickfunnels, then Builderall 3.0 might be a good option for you.

All these marketing toolswill cost you if you buy each of them separately.


  • Website Builder like Wix, Weebly around $12/mo only host 1 site.
  • Funnels Creator like Clickfunnels at least $97/mo.
  • Autoresponder like Aweber, MailChimp & GetResponse at least $10/mo with only limited subscribers.
  • FB Chat bot like ManyChat $10/mo with only 500 subscribers.
  • FB Auto post like Hootsuite & Buffer at least $15/mo onward.

You will save tons of money since you don’t need to purchase a variety of tools to build and design your site or funnel campaigns. It has its own web hosting, an email automation system, and other marketing software apps. Plus, it has a great affiliate program which is a great incentive for affiliates and entrepreneurs who want to make more money.

I’ve been using Builderall and I’d say it’s absolutely a premium package. It might take a little bit of getting used to it but there are various tutorials you can find out there to help you get started. Lastly, you can always reach out to the Builderall team or community if you have further questions.


Builderall is successful at bringing a myriad of tools in a single platform. With the Builderall 3.0, you get your own website hosting, email autoresponder, CRM, affiliate management, and so much more. I would definitely recommend Builderall 3.0 for any business.

It is important to find a tool that brings all your needs. The cost of Builderall 3.0 is actually affordable and accessible for those who are looking for a streamlined digital marketing platform. If you can attract many customers as an affiliate and make commissions, it will cover the cost of your monthly membership.

Even if you have little experience or you’re a complete beginner, there are many available resources, materials and training you can find to help you. You can also reach out to the support team. They are very responsive and very knowledgeable.

Thank you for reading my Builderall 3.0 Review 2020. Have you tried using the Builderall 3.0 platform? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below! If you have questions or you want to learn more about Builderall 3.0 or you find this blog informative, please share it with your friends.

builderall review free trial


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