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In the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp program, you will be given 4 days of training with steps and procedures on how to make affiliate marketing your full-time job. It literally claims that you can become successful, even retire, in just 100 days if you just follow the steps correctly.

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There are lots of affiliate marketing training that can teach you everything. Not all of them guarantees exact same results though. And they might not be as effective as Clickfunnels, really.

Clickfunnels is a training program that helps you make money by promoting Clickfunnels, a sales funnel builder. The program is specifically designed to help people earn money in 100 days.

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An in-depth look inside the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

There are lots of affiliate marketing training that can teach you everything. Not all of them guarantees exact same results though. And they might not be as effective as Clickfunnels, really.

Clickfunnels is a training program that helps you make money by promoting Clickfunnels, a sales funnel builder. The program is specifically designed to help people earn money in 100 days.

Essentially, it is a 4-days course, which aims to train Super Affiliates. The training spans for about 100 days, and during those days, you will be given step-by-step training by these Super Affiliates.


Developed by Russel Brunson, a famous internet marketer, Affiliate Bootcamp was specifically created to be a complete course for Clickfunnels Affiliate to market and sell Clickfunnels products and services.

There’s a ton of value that others would charge for this training but it’s offered for free so you can sign up at any time.

But first, why Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp? Here is a quick rundown of its features.

  • Free training from Clickfunnels  Russel Brunson
  • 40% monthly recurring commissions
  • Great community ready to help out
  • Recently updated
  • 4 days of exclusive video content

When you sign up for free, you will get access to 15 videos of Super Affiliates that show you steps on how to do effective affiliate marketing.

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How does Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp work?

Ideally, the primary goal of Affiliate Bootcamp is to help beginner marketers retire in 100 days by promoting Clickfunnels. For every referral you make to Clickfunnels, you earn a monthly recurring commission of up to 40 percent recurring.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp has a very simple method. They usually give 40 percent commission for every referral. Say, if someone subscribes to the $97 basic plan, then one gets a $40 bonus. If someone subscribes to the $297 etison suite package, then one gets a $120 bonus. This means that the more people you can get to subscribe to the Clickfunnels packages, the more commission you get.

Clickfunnels has two pricing models: $297 per month or $97 per month. This means that if you register over your link for the $97 membership, you will get a commission of $40.

Similarly, if you refer at least one member to Clickfunnels per day for 100 days, you will have referred 100 members. This will earn you a total monthly commission of $3880.

In addition, if you have 100 active Clickfunnels, you will get a $500 payment. If you have 200, they pay you $1000! The program app allows you to earn a commission on your Sticky Cookie.

What exactly is a Sticky Cookie?

The Sticky Cookie is one of the major factors that make Clickfunnels of the best affiliate programs. With the Sticky Cookie, you will get a commission if any of your referred numbers buy Russel’s other products.

Apart from Clickfunnels Affiliate Program, Russel Brunson sells other products, like his top-rated training products and ebooks such as the Perfect Webinar and Funnel Scripts.

This means that you can make lots of money by referring just one member to the Clickfunnels. Additionally, they claim the Affiliate Bootcamp has a value of $997.

Inside the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp covers various topics to help its affiliate sell the Clickfunnels products. It offers a lot of awesome stuffs to help one become effective in affiliate marketing. Here are some of the topics that the program offers:

  1. How To Build An Online Business. Not only the Affiliate Bootcamp can teach you how to sell Clickfunnels  products, but it also teaches you how to build an online business and become a successful entrepreneur. It includes the best techniques on how to market the products or services, even promoting the Clickfunnels.
  2. How to Use Facebook Ads. The program will also teach you how to create effective Facebook ads for various objectives. Facebook is a huge marketplace. And this can also help you get and increase more referrals. If you can get as many referrals through Facebook ads, you earn more commission as well.
  3. How to Build a Following. Another lesson that you will learn from the program is how to keep customers. Customer retention is a crucial aspect of an effective affiliate marketing. It involves making yourself attractive to customers, to make them interested in following your business and buying into your products.

In the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp program, you will be given 4 days of training with steps and procedures on how to make affiliate marketing your full-time job. It literally tells that you can become successful, even retire in just 100 days if you just follow the steps correctly.

Anyone can try the free trial period where you can check the modules in the course for free, until you decide to subscribe to its basic plan and other packages. The downside of the free version is that each video disappears in 24 hours. While watching the videos, it is better to take notes and get the most out of all of these.

Bootcamp Day 1

  • Russell Brunson: My Simple 5-Step Plan To Turn An Affiliate Hobby Into A Full-Time Career!
  • Steve J. Larsen: Create An Irresistible Offer That Makes It Nearly IMPOSSIBLE For Your Customers To Say No.
  • Dave Gambril: The Secret Key To Getting Your Buyers To Stay With You Month After Month
  • Rachel Pedersen: Using The Power Of Relationships To Find The RIGHT Customers That You Help

Bootcamp Day 2

  • Jim Edwards: How To Dominate The Affiliate Leaderboard And Become The #1 Top-Producing Super Affiliate
  • Greg Jeffries: The Simple Process I Use To Find Pockets Of Low-Cost, Low-Competition Traffic Who Are ALREADY Actively Searching For A Solution
  • Jacob Caris: How To Become A Super Affiliate When You Have A TON Of Other Commitments And Almost NO Time In Your Day
  • Dana Derricks: The Key To Getting UNLIMITED Hot (And Warm) Traffic for FREE

Bootcamp Day 3

  • Joe Marfoglio: Creating YouTube Videos That Your Audience Will CLICK ON and WATCH All The Way Through!
  • Spencer Mecham: How To Leverage The People Who Are Already SEARCHING For A Solution
  • Marley Baird: Why YouTube Is The #1 Best Way To Generate Leads And Get Affiliate Sales
  • JR Rivas: How To Organically Attract And Build Your Audience Through A Perfectly Designed FB Profile

Bootcamp Day 4

  • Josh Rhodes: How To Take A Simple Agency Approach To Generate 100+ Affiliates In 100 Days
  • Tyler S. Clark: The 11 Actionable Steps That Got Me From 0 To 106 Paying ClickFunnels Affiliates In 100 Days
  • Billy Gene: How To Demonstrate Your Map And Guide Your Audience STRAIGHT To Their Destination
  • Peng Joon: How To Create Powerful Leverage And Build A List For FREE As A Super Affiliate

There’s a catch when trying out the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp. It shows you One Time Offer to purchase a product named One Funnel Away Challenge, which is just priced at just $100. This is another training course led by Russel Brunson that teaches you how to launch you first funnel through daily training and live coaching for the next 30 days.

Under the OFA Challenge, you will learn effective affiliate marketing with the help of these Clickfunnels  gurus and experts.

  • Russel Brunson. He is known as the strategist of the dream team. And he creates videos and strategies for training Super Affiliates.
  • Julie Stoian. She guides the process of turning a customized 30-day plan into an actual funnel that’s built, designed and effectively works.
  • Steve J. Larsen. He executes things and coaches the students every day on live group calls. Also, he answers questions in case someone needs help in completing the tasks in the course.

Purchasing One Funnel Away Challenge for $100 will give you an ebook and the challenge kit.

one funnel away

The One Funnel Away Challenge Kit

You will receive a physical box that includes a lot of products that are worth a lot for free! Of course, you would have to pay for the shipping fee.

  • The 30-days 550-page Hardcover Book This book contains all of the battle-plans/strategies of the Two Comma Club members (30 of them to be exact). Each strategy is laid out in front of you, physically! It has 30 chapters and 30 action plans.
  • The One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook  The Challenge Workbook acts as your companion throughout the video training (from Day 1 to Day 30). Inside this workbook, you’ll find pages that correspond with each day of the challenge.
  • MP3 Player with Live Recordings This MP3 Player contains all the live recordings of the One Funnel Away Challenge.
affiliate bootcamp challenge review

100 Days of Becoming a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate (ebook)

Once you purchase this One Time Offer, which costs $100, you may also download an ebook named 100 Days of Becoming a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate. This ebook is over 186+ pages and 15 detailed chapters of step-by-step blueprints that show how to become a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate.

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Access to OFA Challenge Membership Area

Aside from that, you can also acquire access to the One Funnel Away Membership Area, which is an awesome feature if you want to keep on learning more about other members success stories or strategies.

Order Bump - $37 (One Time)

Product Secrets is a one-time offer product bump that only costs $37. It is a training that outlines 21 different product ideas for creating irresistible offers! This is perfect for everyone who seeks to create amazing bonus offers for their affiliate marketing ventures!

Upsell Offer $297 (One Time)

Under the Upsell offer, the company will promote a product named Traffic Secrets. This upsell costs $297 (one-time). It is a training program to help you generate quality traffic. It has 24 content-packed modules and 289 lessons about traffic.

These modules are:

  1. The Foundation ($47 Value)
  2. Market Discovery ($97 Value)
  3. Copywriting Secrets ($197 Value)
  4. Keyword Science ($97 Value)
  5. Email Marketing Tactics ($147 Value)
  6. Borrowing Traffic ($147 Value)
  7. Shopping Engines & Amazon ($97 Value)
  8. Traffic Formulas ($97 Value)
  9. Buying Media & Sponsorships ($97 Value)
  10. Google Adwords ($247 Value)
  11. Podcasts & Broadcasts ($197 Value)
  12. Mobile App Marketing ($197 Value)
  13. Software & Widgets ($47 Value)
  14. Facebook Ads ($247 Value)
  15. Traffic Retargeting ($147 Value)
  16. International Opportunities ($97 Value)
  17. Social Media Strategy ($197 Value)
  18. Traffic Recycling ($147 Value)
  19. Google SEO ($197 Value)
  20. Building A Content Factory ($97 Value)
  21. Content Curation Methods ($97 Value)
  22. YouTube Marketing ($197 Value)
  23. Expansion & Scalability ($47 Value)
  24. The Master Plan ($97 Value)

All in all, the estimated cost of all these modules is $3,297.

Is Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp effective?

There are many factors that determine whether Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is to help you retire in 100 days.

When you visit the website’s landing page, you get an introduction video that tells you how you can retire in 100 days. The video does not provide any info about what the entire course is all about.

However, the program is 100% legit. There are countless people making money from this program. Just check one of the many Facebook groups and you will see plenty of payment earnings and inspiring Clickfunnels stories!

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Who can use the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp?

This is a perfect training even for beginners. From this course, experts will get more exposure to enhance their knowledge whereas the newbie will gain new knowledge. The modules and instructions in the course have everything you need to learn affiliate marketing.

There are also video tutorials given in the course to keep you on continuous training and learning. With that, you will also get supplementary videos which are bonuses for you. This means that the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp course is useful even for the newbies.

Of course, you need to have a Clickfunnels account to do Clickfunnels. However, if you do not have a Clickfunnels account, here are the options you can try.

  1. First of all, you should open an account on Clickfunnels and then sign up from here. You will get a 14-days free trial. After the end of the free trial, try to buy the basic package. So you will get the 44-days lifeline for only $97 spending. In these 44 days, you should try to sign up at least 3 people from the reference. Once you’re done, you will get a $120 bonus. From here, spend $97 again to subscribe to Clickfunnels next month. In this way, gradually increase the number of referrals until you become successful.
  2. You can open an account to any other site but it will not bring better results as signing up on Clickfunnels. Others don’t offer affiliate systems like Clickfunnels. They will not offer so much commission as what you’ll get with Clickfunnels so if you really want to earn more income, my advice is that you really have to open the account to the Clickfunnels.

How much is needed to invest and start the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp?

Starting an affiliate program doesn’t require too much money to get started. You can follow a plan where you can start Clickfunnels affiliate at a low cost.

  1. First, you have to sign up for the Clickfunnels. It gives you a 14-day free trial where you can try the program and see how it works. You can also try their Leadpage for only $48.
  2. You can choose any of the following three for email marketing: Getresponse: $15/month + 30 days free trial; Active Campaign: $17/month (up to 3 users); and ConvertKit: $29/month
  3. Lastly, you need to advertise. Depending on your budget, you can create ads wherever you want such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Youtube Ads, Apps Ads and more.

For Clickfunnels, you can get it for a 14-days free trial. That gives you time to maximize what you can learn from the basics of the course to get started. Again for email marketing, you’d get Getresponder for 30-day free trial. You can set a budget of $50 for creating ads. Once you see growth and start earning a commission, you can gradually increase your budget.

What are the available support for Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp?

One of the crucial requirements of a good affiliate program is having excellent support. Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp has available support for all technical faults or account queries. There are a variety of ways to get quick support and answers to all questions.

They have a live support system and email support. You may send them to

There’s also a Clickfunnels Affiliates Facebook page, where the members can send their inquiries about the cost of the program and its products. Currently, it has approximately 47,000 members!

The group contains a broad range of questions, from the basics to the more expert and advanced views, showing just how active the support for Clickfunnels is.

Members of the group are constantly updating the page with different methods to help other affiliates become better from doing affiliate marketing. It’s a great community to see people sharing their success and credibility, as it gives others motivation to do the same.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Conclusion

Although the upsells are very apparent, you can still enjoy the training program for free without purchasing upsells. It is a great training program that every affiliate marketer should try. The course will provide everything that you need to become a Super Affiliate. However, you still need to work hard to earn a commission and get as many referrals as you can.

From the time you will be given the knowledge and resources to advertise Clickfunnels and start earning a commission, you’d be able to start your journey towards becoming more effective in affiliate marketing.

Think of it as a great investment! The earlier you start and the more you invest in learning the program, the more likely you are to be successful.

Have you tried using Clickfunnels ? Affiliate Bootcamp? How was your experience? Share us your thoughts in the comments.

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