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eCom Elites Review for 2020

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Product Description: This is my eCom Elites review. Franklin Hatchett's "eCom Elites" is an online course that will help you (even if you're new to Internet Marketing) create a successful e-commerce business.

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eCom Elites is my top choice to make money with ecommerce or drop shipping. It is recommended for both beginners and advanced marketers who just want to pick up new strategies. It provides everything you need to know in order to profit from a drop-shipping business. You’ll learn everything from setting up your store to finding the right products. It’s a complete course with everything you need to succeed in ecommerce and drop-shipping.

In this eCom Elites review, we’re going to take a look at this training course, which teaches how to set up a Shopify ecommerce store and make money with it.

This review was updated for 2021. With the global health scare many more people are spending more time online, which makes this business all the more profitable! With that being said, let’s get on with it!

franklin hatchett savage affiliates review

First, why it’s better to drop-ship.

In the past, most online sellers would buy products and stock them up in their inventory. But for some that’s too expensive, risky and complex. It’s expensive because it requires a big upfront investment. It’s risky because some of the products you choose may not sell.

If you choose products that don’t end up selling, you’re in trouble because now you’re stuck with unsold inventory.

Next, who’s behind ecom elites – Franklin Hatchett.

Franklin is a digital entrepreneur and the author of eCom Elites where he shares his experience and expertise in dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

Before diving into a review of the course, let’s have a look at the man behind Ecom Elites. After all, with any type of training program you need to be confident that the teacher knows what he or she is talking about, right?

You might have found out about this course by seeing Franklin on YouTube, where he has 177,000+ subscribers. Or perhaps you found it through Facebook if you’ve been researching ecommerce and affiliate marketing. He’s a genius when it comes to ecommerce and drop-shipping using Shopify.

A Proven, Successful Marketer

Franklin has also developed a Shopify Theme that we’ve reviewed, so be sure to check out our eCom Turbo review, which makes selling easier (it’s a WordPress theme just for this method). He’s also a great affiliate marketer who created a popular affiliate marketing training program called, Savage Affiliates (I reviewed that too).

I believe Franklin has a big following because he’s such a great teacher and he proves the success that he claims.

With clear instructions and zero fluff, Franklin shows how to get a Shopify store up and running fast, and how to make it profitable within the first 30 days of business, which is why I’m able to give it such high marks.

His videos get straight to the point, and provide exactly what you need to know in order to get things right the first time.

If you’ve heard enough and you’re ready to get started, just click the button below to sign up.

The method Franklin teaches is based on building a Shopify store and using drop-shipping for delivering your products to buyers. It is a timeless strategy and a smart idea because it lets you avoid all the problems that usually derail first-timers trying to start an e-commerce business.

In his instructional videos, he goes through the entire process in easy steps, telling you how to set up the Shopify store, how to choose the right products to sell (including which products not to sell), how to bring traffic to the store, and – most importantly – how to make sure your ecommerce business is profitable long term.

One of the main reasons I recommend Franklin’s Ecom Elites instead of other courses is because he explains the entire range of dropshipping options, so you’re not limited to just one method. That’s important, because you want to see the entire picture before deciding which way works best for your own store.

Easy to Follow Structure

The course consists of video modules: an Intro module, 9 lesson modules, 1 bonus module and some additional bonus content. Each of the modules has multiple videos.

In this ecom Elites review I’m going to go over each of these modules, so you have all the info you need to make an informed decision.

One thing I like about this course is that Franklin’s videos are short, and to the point – Unlike other e-commerce courses I’ve seen, Ecom Elites is packed with actionable information instead of fluff.

For example, “how to source the products” is one of the critically-important things you’ll need to know. The module that teaches you how to source products has numerous videos that show step-by-step how to do it.

But wait… there’s more…

Likewise, his Facebook advertising module has more than 30 videos that cover each phase of advertising, and each step is broken down into small bites that are easy to digest.

In summary, Franklin leads you through the process as fast or as slowly as you need to go in order to learn. He shows how to set up the store, choose the right products, generate traffic and get the most out of your advertising, and then optimizing each sales funnel.

Another reason I like this course is because Franklin is totally real – There’s no time wasted. He also tells you his trade secrets, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel on your own.

A lot of the video content is over-the-shoulder, so you see a realistic perspective of how everything works in the real world of ecommerce.

Now that I’ve given a basic overview of the Ecom Elites course structure, let’s go over the specifics of what he teaches in the modules. Keep in mind that I’ve organized these sections below for convenience, so they might not exactly match each module number or name in the course itself.

Here Franklin gives an easy-to-understand explanation of e-commerce as well as drop shipping. This is a great overview to give you the big picture about this industry. I believe this high level overview will help you to retain much more of the info he provides in the rest of the course.

He also offers examples and results from his other students.


He walks you through the process of setting up a Shopify store, and explains everything in a way that’s easy to understand. This section includes everything about choosing and customizing your store’s theme.

He also explains how to add products, customize your checkout pages, and how to set up your shipping, including discount coupons. He makes it very easy to understand.

By following his advice, you’re likely to get things right the first time, and you’ll have a good foundation for success with your business, which is why I mention it in this ecom elites review.

In Module 1 you’ll learn how to:

  • Decide whether to open a general store or niche store
  • Open your online store
  • Add products
  • Customize your store’s theme, checkout page and menus
  • Order products in bulk
  • Set up customer payments
  • Calculate taxes
  • Reduce shopping-cart abandonment
  • Set up shipping
  • Create coupons
  • Up-sell and cross-sell
  • Create and optimize your sales funnel

In ecommerce I’ve learned that having the right products is definitely the key to success. You’ll need profitable, winning products in order to make money. In this module Franklin shows you how to find those winners by doing research the right way.

He leads you step by step through the process of finding the best suppliers, pricing your products the right way, learning from competitor stores, and a lot more.

In Module 2 you’ll learn how to:

  • Source your products
  • Research to find the best products
  • Find the right suppliers and build good relationships with them
  • Spy on competitor stores
  • Set prices for your products

The Videos are Engaging and Fun

You can get through the videos in just over 4 hours and, I think, you’ll be totally excited along the way.

Franklin shares some really great tips on how to find hot products. The reason why the module is so long is that he shows you different methods with actual practical examples.

These are the longest modules in the course. Franklin explains how to bring visitors to your store by using Facebook and Instagram to attract buyers.

Bringing buyers into your store is critically important, and this is where Franklin really shines. Unlike other e-commerce courses I took but didn’t learn much, Franklin’s Ecom Elites course explains exactly how to do things right the first time.

In fact, I’d say that these modules by themselves are certainly worth the entire price of the Ecom Elites course! He goes into great depth about how to get the most out of Facebook ads, including how to install pixels and the best ways to set up and optimize your marketing campaigns.

He also tells you exactly how to find the right Instagram influencers for your products, and how to run your Instagram ads for best results.

In Module 3 you’ll learn to:

  • Set up your Facebook advertising account
  • Choose the right advertising model for your business
  • Target your audiences
  • How to set up and use a Facebook Pixel
  • Create several different kinds of FB ads and A/B test them
  • Bid for advertising
  • Analyze the data from your ad campaigns
  • Scale up your ad campaigns
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Images, videos and text for advertising
  • How to scale up quickly

In Module 4 you’ll learn how to:

  • Use Instagram to get more traffic
  • Find the right Instagram influencers
  • Schedule Instagram posts ads and run a good sales campaign

In my opinion, these two modules are worth their weight in gold. By taking the time to watch all of Franklin’s videos in these sections, I’d say that you’re likely to be successful with your ecommerce business.

Of course, dropshipping is another key piece in the e-commerce puzzle. But in order to be successful with drop-shipping, you’ll first need to know how to do email marketing.

Franklin Hatchett’s Ecom Elites course covers email marketing thoroughly from the ground up, including the best ways to gather email address from your store. After watching the videos in this module, you’ll be able to do things like bring back people who’ve abandoned their shopping carts, as well as recommending new products to your existing customers.

Shopping cart abandonment is a problem for some other online sellers, but Franklin shares some cool ways to bring abandoned carts back to life. He also shows you how to up-sell and cross-sell products to your existing customers, which can greatly improve your revenues.

I’ve learned plenty in this section of the course, and I still check back frequently for the newest updates on tricks and tips. Along with other important info, in this module you’ll learn to create automated email campaigns using the GetResponse program, which works really well for me.

In Module 5 you’ll learn:

  • Email marketing introduction
  • Collecting email addresses from your store
  • Sending marketing emails
  • Setting up your newsletter
  • Getting more people to open your messages

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t know much about chatbots before getting into ecommerce. But after learning how to use them in Ecom Elites, I love ’em because of the profits they bring.

Chatbots are based on software that creates automated conversations with your visitors, which helps them to buy from your store. In this module Franklin Hatchett shows you step by step how to use chatbots to maximize sales.

Here you’ll learn how to set them up easily, program them, and run ads through them. This is an easy way to supercharge sales for any kind of product. Overall, here’s what you’ll learn in this module:

  • Set up and use chatbots, including menu and comments
  • Set default chat replies and chatbot sequences
  • How the chatbot popup box works
  • Set up your chatbot ads

In ecommerce everybody talks about sales funnels, but few people actually know how to build and them them the right way. But Franklin is a pro when it comes to building funnels for a dropshipping business, and his expertise really shows throughout this entire module.

He showed me how to use ClickFunnels, which turns out to be the funnel-building software used by most successful online stores. I strongly recommend paying special attention to all the videos in this module because you’ll learn some of his best tips here. In this module you’ll learn:

  • Overview of sales funnels
  • Shopify integration for funnels
  • Set up Strip payments
  • Set up PayPal payments
  • Install a pixel into the funnel
  • Add products using Clickfunnels
  • Adding product variants
  • Fulfilling orders through Shopify
  • Funnel retargeting

In these modules, Franklin explains how to bring traffic to your store by using Google Ads and organic SEO (search engine optimization). He also goes into plenty of detail about running Google Ads, including setting up the pixels, making your Google Shopping ads, and optimizing your sales.

Just as important as Facebook and Instagram ads discussed in earlier modules, he also shows you how to get more organic traffic from Google search engines. I’ve noticed that some other e-commerce programs don’t teach you about this, but Franklin certainly does.

It’s especially important because organic traffic from SEO is always the most powerful, long-term source of buyers for your store. For my own store it’s been a great source of passive traffic, and visitors are already warmed-up and ready to buy. Overall, in Modules 8 and 9 you’ll learn about:

  • The difference in traffic between Google and Facebook
  • Set up your Google account the right way
  • Create and target your audience
  • Bidding on Google keywords
  • Keyword research
  • Opening a merchant account
  • Organic traffic from SEO
  • Building backlinks
  • White hat SEO hacks

Franklin Hatchett is a top professional online seller as well as a great marketer, and his marketing ability really shines in the bonus section of his Ecom Elites course. Here you’ll find a treasure trove of tips and tricks to help sell more.

The Ecom Elites bonus section starts off with videos that show how to increase your average order value (AOV). I’ve found this content to be very helpful in my own business, and I think you will too. Next he talks about how to write a winning description for your products, which I found extremely helpful.

Although I thought I was already a pretty good writer, Franklin helped me raise my game to the next level. By following his tips on how to correctly write my product descriptions, I’ve been able to increase my store’s conversation rates.

In fact, I learn something new each time I go back and re-watch the videos in this section.

The bottom line with Franklin’s bonus content is that he isn’t shy when it comes to sharing his e-commerce sales secrets. These insider tips will help you make more money from your store.

There’s a lot of content here – Take the time to learn these secrets and your online store should do very well.

Along with what I’ve already mentioned, you’ll also learn about:

  • Using warranties to increase sales and build trust
  • How to get the most out of review websites
  • How to spy on competitors, including through Facebook

One of the reasons that Franklin Hatchett’s Ecom Elites training program is so popular is because it’s caveman-simple. Based on my own online selling experience and what I’ve heard about other students, just by having enough discipline to watch these videos and follow through on his advice, you can earn good money with a well-built online store. Below are some success stories that really stand out.


One of Franklin’s students named Andrew used a high-converting Shopify theme combined with the eCom Turbo theme. Within about a month after going through the training, Andrew found himself a winning product and then scaled his sales up to where he was selling more than $100,000 monthly.


Brian is one of Franklin’s standout students. By following the Ecom Elites methods, within 3 months after opening his first Shopify store he reached nearly $12,000 in sales, with nearly 600 orders in one month. He continued to grow upward from there, and I’ve heard that he has also diversified into some other online businesses too.


In the Ecom Elites community, Phil is known as a slow learner. He sort of played around with ecommerce for awhile. He started a Shopify store in 2017, but did get anywhere with it at first.

Then he stumbled onto one of Franklin’s YouTube videos, and he started using those methods to improve his sales. That’s when his sales shot upward, and now he earns several thousand dollars each month.


Brandon was one of Franklin’s earliest students in the Ecom Elites course. He worked on his Shopify store for a few months and was generating up to $60,000 in monthly sales using only one traffic source. But then he decided to start using Facebook, and his sales skyrocketed even further.

Keep in mind that e-commerce is like anything else in life – You get out of it what you put into it. If you want to have a successful online store and you’re willing to watch the Ecom Elites videos and follow Franklin Hatchett’s advice, then you can be successful with your store.

A few people who read my other reviews have asked me – What does the Ecom Elites course look like on the inside?

So here’s a quick view showing inside the training, so you’ll have an idea of what you’re getting. I’ll show you how to navigate through it and give a short review of features found within the training pages. I wanted to be sure to include this, so you can get a first hand look inside!

Once you get your login credentials, you land on a page like this:

Here you’ll be able to access the Ecom Elites course material and buy other products. You’ll also find a Contact button for quick customer service help.

Keep in mind there’s a separate email address for them support. Also, if you want detailed answers to questions about drop shipping, just post your questions in Franklin’s Ecom Elites Facebook group. He’s often available there to answer your questions personally, which is another thing that I really like about his course.

As mentioned earlier, there are 9 work modules, plus an intro module, as well as lots of bonus content. Each module has multiple videos, and most of them are between 5 and 30 minutes long, so you can easily schedule time to watch each of them without being distracted.

Digging deeper…

Once you click on a module, you’ll see a list of each video it contains. For example, when you go to Module 3 you’ll see a list of its sections.

The video player is very flexible and easy to use, including the ability to control volume and skip back and forward. Of course, you can keep track of which videos you’ve watched by marking them as completed once you’ve seen it.

If you’re new to e-commerce and selling online, then I recommend watching each video in the same sequence that Franklin presents it. That way there’s no confusion. On the other hand, if you already have some marketing experience, then you might feel comfortable in skipping ahead – but you’ll probably want to circle back later to catch up on all topics.

There are a couple of things in my Ecom Elites Review that I don’t like it’s a short list

To be fair and impartial in this review, I’ll need to tell you about a couple of features that I don’t really like, even though many people do.

One of the main methods for generating traffic requires an initial investment

Franklin covers his four main methods of building up a store’s traffic. One of the ways to drive traffic is free, but a couple of other methods are based on paid advertising.

So, even though you can get your money back and earn a profit with those other methods, you’ll need to set aside a budget for advertising. In money is tight, don’t worry about the paid-traffic methods, just start out with the free search-engine traffic method at the beginning.

Another thing that some people would complain about but not me is the fact that the Ecom Elites course contains a whole shipload of content.

Slackers looking for a get rich quick scenario might not have the patience to watch all the videos, but that’s a bid mistake. If you want to be successful with ecommerce, take the time to watch all videos, and then re-watch the most interesting ones. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth from the content in this course.

Minor Criticism – Franklin Hatchett is an expert ecommerce teacher, but sometimes he talks too much

In the past, my biggest complaint about some other e-commerce training courses is they’re too windy and there’s not enough meaty information to sit and watch all the way through to the end of each video. Fortunately, Franklin doesn’t ramble much.

Still, you’ll probably find some content that you fast-forward through. That’s OK, he gives plenty of examples to make sure you can visualize his core concepts.

Here’s the real key to Franklin’s ability to teach people about e-commerce and marketing. He gives enough description and explanation that you’ll definitely understand the points he makes in the videos and be able to use the same tools yourself.

There are two price options. The Standard course is only $197, and the Ultimate version is only $297. Either will teach you how to be successful with ecommerce.

The Standard course has 100+ videos and totals 34+ hours, and the Ultimate has even more content. For example, in addition to everything you learn in Standard, with the Ultimate you’ll also get more:

  • Sales funnel instructions
  • Google Ads training
  • Frank’s ready-made winning funnel template
  • Ideas for top-selling products

The Ultimate program is ideal if you want to scale up quickly. The bottom line is that each of them will teach you how to sell online successfully.

Is Franklin Hatchett’s Ecom Elites course worth the price? I think so, yes. We’ve gone through several other online sales training programs, and Franklin’s is definitely the best way to get started and build a successful store quickly.

Ultimately it comes down to this – Will this ecom course help you to build a successful ecommerce business? The answer, I believe, is yes. But only if you get it and put it into action.

Have you tried Ecom Elites yourself? What did you think of it? Please share your own experience in the comments below!

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