Franklin Hatchett Ecom Elites
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eCom Elites Review: Is Franklin Hatchett’s Course Worth $197?

Ecom Elites review: Should you get it?

Ecom Elites is an online e-commerce course by Franklin Hatchett. The course has been out for quite some time, and it is quite amazing how much popularity there is about it. Frank himself said he started the program to help his friends who wanted to share some profitable e-commerce ideas. In other words, it was only for a few people who wanted to learn and share. But for more than two years now, the course has been helping people from all walks of life. This is Frank’s second course, his other being an affiliate marketing course called Savage Affiliates. You can see my review of his Savage Affiliates course here.

Drop shipping has become a broad topic in the modern world of online shopping. No wonder Ecom Elites has received a lot of thumbs up from the community at large. Anything that can make a difference in the constantly growing e-commerce community will be welcomed with both hands. The industry is growing so fast and only those who are smart enough to look out for top tips to stay relevant on the market will survive. So whether you are a dreamer, a beginner or an expert, this Ecom Elites review is something to you want to check out. Find out what you need to know about this course and whether or not you should try it out.


Ecom Elites Version 2.0

As stated above, the technology advancement in e-commerce is on the loose. When you think you have learned something, a better model and version comes up.

If you are learning about Ecom Elites for the first time, you are in luck because you will be getting the latest version. And if you already have it with you, version 2.0 came out November 2018. Do not be alarmed about the price. The features and functions are better, but the rate remains the same.

Upgrade to this version to get more content together with some few strategies as well. You can access chatbots, Google ads training and a lot more cool stuff.

Why is this Ecom Elites 2.0 review necessary?

In this review, we have placed all BS aside to focus only on what will help you make a decision. The information you get here is according to a clean observation and comparison with other similar services. You can see more of my reviews here.

Price Vs. Quality

Using a course like E-com success academy, you will not fail to notice how high their price is. To sign up, you will have to part with $2500. And that is not even a guarantee for 100% satisfaction.

Franklin offers better learning material for a mere fraction of that amount. Instead of wasting your money on another course, it would be better to spend it on other marketing activities like Facebook campaigns.

Ecom Elites is worth every cent you invest in it. You cannot compare to other services like Morrison’s Ecom Success Academy above.

For all clear information and resources on dropshipping and Shopify, Franklin’s YouTube channel is the place to visit. He has made several videos on these trades secrets. But they are not for free either. However, the value park of over 150 videos you will get access to is more than you could ever imagine.

You will not get any shady work in any of the videos because of the effort he invested in them. You get the real value and over-delivery in every package.

One that makes Ecom Elites stand out is that there are over 150 videos on the course! This includes 30 straight videos focused on Facebook alone. We all know Facebook is vital in e-commerce. There is drop shipping courses that are very light on Facebook, a mistake that Franklin seeks to rectify.

The price is very low, at only $197. It could be worth it for the facebook package alone.

It is very easy to view the videos. It uses the Vimeo platform which works well in all devices and platforms.

About quality, therefore, Frank has got it in his videos. It is not just the content that is of quality; the videos as well are very nice. You can adjust them up to 1080p for better viewing.

The content of the course

Ecom Elites is split into ten modules, all of which are packed with useful content. They all together contain over 150 videos of lengths from 15 minutes to 60 minutes under different topics, including:

    Welcome introduction

    Sourcing or products

    Setting up your store

    Facebook ad

    Instagram traffic

    Among others

In simple terms, Franklin does not entertain BS. The guy knows what he is talking about, unlike the BS on Samir Chibane YouTube videos. The modules are as follows;

Module 1: Shopify Setup

Shopify is one of the easiest platforms to use. They offer a 14-day free trial for beginners, with which you can create a store using free templates.

Franklin has them, the eCom Turbo, that he highly recommends you use. For only $97, you can save from the $180 Shopify themes.

Together with the theme, you will learn how to set up your store correctly and install the theme. And when you think of adding products to your store, customize it, learn shipping rates, up-sells, special offers and promos, they are all covered in the videos.

Module 2: Product sourcing

Frank understands how important product sourcing is and does not leave out any detail explain how to go about it. What products should you put in your store? A lot of newbies ask this question. Well, this course will tell you the product and niche selection ideas.

Finding suppliers and building relationships with them can be hard. But with this course, you will get the print-on-demand software, niche research tool and many other cools tools to help you establish your market.

Module 3: Facebook

Unsurprisingly, this is the largest section of the course. It is also the tensest with more videos than any other section. If you follow what this course has to offer, then making money for you will be a walk in the park.

Facebook marketing is one of the hottest topics in e-commerce. Frank uses this chance to teach everything you need to know to make the most out of it.

And when we talk about FB marketing, it includes business account setup, data mining, conversions, bidding, the creation of ads, pixels and many more. This course has got it all covered for you.

He continues to update the section to feed you more information as things happen in the industry. This is a course you should not miss out on.

Module 4: IG Traffic 

Instagram has become one of the most influential marketing channels in the world today. And if you know it very well, you should understand how a single influencer can change your life. But finding the right influencer is not as easy as it sounds. This is why Frank provides this course so that you don’t have to pay too much.

The section is simple to understand. It may not be so much filled as the Facebook section, but it has enough to get you on top of your game. It covers details like Instagram retargeting, finding influencers on Google, and how to run adverts among others.

Module 5: Email Marketing

If you thought emails no longer work, wait until you go through this hefty module containing 12 detailed videos. You will get everything on how best to leverage email marketing. He has a few bonus videos on how to use coupons, how to win customers back and many more.

An emails campaign works well from the way you set it up. Frank shows how to do this with Getresponse and MailChimp. He has his way of setting up an autoresponder which he shares.

If you want to succeed, don’t ignore setting up your email properly. It could be everything you need to increase your earnings.

Module 6: ChatBot Profits

ChatBots are becoming very popular today. This is one of the things that makes version 2.0 very useful.

But do you know what ChatBots are and how they work? If not, this is the course you should consider getting. It includes sending ads through chat boxes, chat flows and many other things are taught. There is no better way to make more money than ensuring maximum communication with your customers. And that is where ChatBots play a bigger role.

Module 7: Sales Funnels

This is another important part that has come new with version 2.0. Franklin highly advises on using the sales funnel setup.

If you don’t know how to set it up with a tool like Clickfunnels, he has got it all covered. Clickfunnels maybe a bit expensive, but other options are available as well.

Once you start using what Franklin shows here, you will never want to go back. You will find it worth your time and money using the ideas shared.


Module 8: Google Shopping

Is there a better way of increasing your online revenues than Google Ads? Luckily, Frank has covered this topic in details. Learn how to set up the ads, add Google Pixel, working the platform, set up retargeting, proper keyword search, ads layout and ads structuring.

This details covered here also includes why you should or shouldn’t use Ads by Google and Facebook. It is the most fantastic detail course you will ever get. And it has been improved in the new version.

Module 9: Organic Google Traffic (SEO)

Who doesn’t know the importance of Search Engine Optimisation? Many people will want to buy SEO services whereas other ecom courses teach paid ad more.

Franklin takes a different approach to teach you where to get links. He gives only the best sources that are focused on the specific niche.

But be very careful when using those links. Google sometimes can be tricky. For those who already have an establish site and probably have links already, it is ok. But for a website that is just starting, hold on first and ride slow. Wait for your page to gain authority before applying the links.

Getting SEO right is a long journey. Frank is an expert with Ads who will save you all the hassle and get you on top.

Module 10: Highly Secretive videos

Frank has some videos in this section he considers very secret. It contains videos on a different topic that can help you with new ideas for your funnels and store.

For instance, do you know that most people don’t use warranties? And that you can use them yourself? Well, all this is covered in the videos. Topics include:

    Crush it with warranties

    Crafty coupon tricks

    Using review websites for leverages

    Building huge fan pages/email lists

    And many more.

These modules provide details on an essential topic for e-commerce platforms. Frank seems to have wide experience and the answer to every question.


Ecom Elites Advantages:

Using this course could be your ticket to greatness. You get access to over 150 detailed videos all of high quality. The profits acceleration of these courses is more than that of Samir Chibane and Juan Valdez.

They offer the best advice on Drop Ship Lifestyle. Anton Kraly and his drop shipping course cannot compare to the quality you get here.

This is a sure product winner blueprint. Compared to Tristan Broughton’s course which only contains reading reviews, Frank knows how to make things work for everyone.

The quality of services you get may seem underpriced. At only $197, you have the best e-commerce course package. Frank is the most genuine guy out of many videos you can ever watch.

Ecom Elites Disadvantages:

Some reviewers have stated that there is guaranteed 30-day money back when you buy Ecom Elites. There is none. Apart from this, the course does not have any discounts. The price may be subject to change without prior notice.

Final Verdict: 8.5 /10

Franklin without a doubt offers the best quality course at a very affordable process. The content in the videos cannot be compared to any other.

There are many jokers and fake course providers on the market. They make it hard for people to know what good and bad in the industry. But Franklin is real. This is where you can invest your money without any worry.