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ecom turbo

Name: eCom Turbo

Description: eCom Turbo is a high-converting Shopify store theme that helps businesses build and launch Shopify stores easy and fast.

Offer price: $91

Currency: USD

Operating System: Shopify

Application Category: Shopify Store Theme

Author: eCom Turbo



In this eCom Turbo review you’ll read my thoughts on this WordPress theme. eCom Turbo is a fast, responsive, conversion oriented Shopify drop-shipping WordPress theme that can make money for you online!

You want to create or upgrade your own Shopify store theme with eCom Turbo but you’re not sure if it’s right for your store.

In this eCom Turbo Shopify Theme Review, I show you exactly its features, how it works and why it’s the best theme for your Shopify store.

Build high-converting Shopify stores fast with eCom Turbo

You want to create or upgrade your own Shopify store theme with eCom Turbo but you’re not sure if it’s right for your store.

If you want to maximize your sales or make the most out of your ecommerce business, you need an awesome Shopify store. And perhaps the best responsive eCom Turbo Shopify theme to excite your page visitors about your products and services until you get them to the last stage of the funnel.

In this eCom Turbo Shopify Theme Review, I show you exactly its features, how it works and why it’s the best theme for your Shopify store.

What is eCom Turbo?

Themes play an essential role in luring your customers and make them purchase your product or service. Of course, you don’t just need a website that looks awesome but it has to be functional, responsive and friendly.

ecom turboeCom Turbo can help you build an awesome store easy and fast. Developed by Franklin Hatchett, it is a completely customizable Shopify theme which allows you to develop your product page or eCom store. It has different options that allow you to customize the perfect look or feel of your Shopify store. You can customize how you wanted it to look like.

Previously, I wrote some reviews also about his courses Ecom Elites and Savage Affiliates. eCom Turbo is another product together with the Ecom Elites but they are sold separately.

What makes an awesome Shopify theme?

eCom Turbo Shopify Theme: Why You Should Buy It

Fully-customized homepage

With eCom Turbo, you will learn how to build and design your own Shopify online store quickly.

Its easy-to-use customization features allow you to change the layout, style and preset until you get the perfect look and feel of your page.

Great website speed

The speed and responsiveness of the website are crucial and can affect the customer retention rate. Whatever device you’re using, the browsing experience of the users should not be overlooked. Not only eCom Turbo is easy to customize but it also makes the page more responsive with its turbo features.

You must have probably learned that Facebook starts ranking pages with fast loading speed higher in the news feed. That means if your page loads slower than other pages, you will have a lesser chance of being shown on top of the search results. As a result, you will get a lower reach and it will cost your advertising too expensive. This is the same algorithm that Google is using in ranking the websites and content.

eCom Turbo is designed with ultimate simplicity to help reduce load times and bring a seamless experience to your customers. As well as its quick loading times, it has rich features that are essential to the website success.

Free eCom course and support

Lastly, you will get access to the exclusive Facebook group where you can get more latest news and updates about the eCom Turbo and his other products. While Franklin is active on his Youtube where he also shares updates about his products and more. He provides support and how-to videos so you can maximize the eCom Turbo.

You can also take this opportunity to engage with the community, learn from other’s experiences and explore more.

eCom Turbo Shopify Theme Features

The Email Collector

email collector

Are you having a hard time capturing emails and putting them on your email list? No more spreadsheets or email list! With eCom Turbo, there’s a much simpler and faster way to do it.

You can use eCom Turbo to capture and store information or contact details from your potential customers such as emails. An email list allows you to engage your potential customers and nurture them in the hope of retaining them and making them purchase more of your offers.

Built-In Scarcity Timer

No more timer apps! This built-in psychological trigger is going to put even more money in your pocket. Offering something for a limited time will always boost sales.

Fear of missing out becomes a great trigger that will push costumes to buy on impulse. Create scarcity and urgency without touching any code. You can fully customize it. Change the color of the progress bar and the bar shadow, anything you want!

Scarcity triggers human action. Without scarcity, customers can delay their purchase because they would think that they can still do it for another time or some day. It compels the visitors to make a quick decision so this feature can help you boost the conversion rate of your sales page instantly.

You can list the stock numbers or offer limited offers to those who visited your website within that day. Scarcity marketing is a powerful and effective conversion trigger. It encourages visitors to make their purchase of your offers, and not just leave your website on the side. This technique works best for ecommerce business.

The Cash Boosting Upsell

boosting upsell

Upselling is probably the most practical and also the easiest way to acquire customers and increase your sales. Not only that, it can even help if you are building customer loyalty. You are narrowing their choices and helping them make better and faster decisions.

There are always better offers and choices. For others, it can be an aggressive sales strategy, but if you really look at the brighter side, you are helping the customers by giving them gentle suggestions. That’s much better than seeing them leave and go to another store buying the same product from your competitors.

Studies show that visitors are more likely to buy an upsell right after the cart and right before the checkout. We increased profits by up to 25% once we switched to this on our Shopify stores. You can get really specific and offer a related product, so they want to buy a fishing rod? Offer them a fishing reel at checkout! This feature is a total massive booster!

Custom Clean Footer

A clean theme generates more sales! We found cluttered and confusing footers are a distraction and you can lose sales. After adding a nice clean footer template we got more sales and better conversions! This is completely customizable and doesn’t worry you can also use the standard Shopify footer.

Most of the marketers look at the footer as an important component of web design. It’s an extension of the top navigation that sometimes it’s overlooked and then we miss a lot of opportunities in making the most out of every space in the page design.

Make sure that you have achieved the right balance in the layout, style and every component associated with the online store. Optimize the page very well from the top to the bottom of the page.

An interested customer will scroll through the end of your page until they are satisfied and they get what they are looking for. Your role as a conversion strategist is to use this opportunity to optimize the footer for the best user experience. Also, you would not want to do it too much and over-optimize the footer as it may seem obvious and the customers might lose interest in your offer and leave.

If you’re trying to find out how you can optimize the page effectively, eCom Turbo is built to help you create an effective footer that your ecommerce store will immediately benefit from.

Super Clean Call to Actions

Create a beautiful completely customizable call to action buttons under your collections right on the homepage! These are massive conversion boosters. Not only that, you can customize whatever you want including the product price and title.

When creating a design, you have to make sure you also consider call to action (CTA) as part of the overall design. Write a clear and inspiring call to actions. Make sure it is clear to the users what exactly they’re supposed to do after checking out your products or offers.

More than your CTA phrase, you also have to check how it actually looks like. You may highlight them throughout the page.

That’s the last thing your users will have to see to convince them to purchase your product or offer. For example, the primary CTA for ecommerce sites is always add to cart or buy now. Make sure that the CTA button, phrase and size or style are optimized properly.

The good thing is with eCom Turbo, you will never have to worry on how you’re able to make supercharge call to actions.

Urgency Sales Ticker


Nothing creates urgency more than a sale ticker! Show people that things are selling on your site and it will boost conversions.

The fear of missing out will always increase sales. This feature is 100% customizable! You can change the border, colors and whatever you like. Again, like the scarcity timer, sales ticker does quite the same purpose. This strategy is used to trigger the customers to make their purchasing decision faster. It’s not just persuasion, really.

For example, the phrase Hurry up! Just 5 stocks left tells the customers to purchase the product as soon as possible while it’s available. While it’s quite bold and assertive move, it works most of the time.

This works best if you have dead stocks and you want to sell them, you can use this feature to help you get sales quickly.

Increase Instagram Profits

We all learned that Instagram has the most number of users – business, professionals and other individuals.

It’s a perfect platform to discover new products and also an opportunity for you to do your marketing.

instagram profits

As part of being in an awesome Facebook group, I get to personally help people out. Over 60% of the members who messaged me about failed Instagram promotions had a theme that didn’t work very well on mobile!

eCom Turbo is designed for Crispy Instagram profits with a sticky add to cart button.

Simple Easy Trust Badges

Adding trust logos or badges can help you establish credibility and reassurance with your customers and page visitors. When you get the trust of your customers, it’s much easier to build consumer confidence and make them understand your vision. trust badges

Trying to figure out how to add trust badges into your page design without having trouble with codes? eCom Turbo allows you to add trust badges or trust seals, code-free. It’s already integrated into the theme so you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Upload trust badges that change site wide so you won’t have to add them to your products every time! You can upload a trust bar with multiple badges or one single badge at a time. The size of the badge will determine how they sit so you have control. Trust is known to be a huge conversion booster and will get those visitors converting!

Profit Boosting Cart Buttons

cart buttons

Cart buttons make it easier for your customers to add items to the cart and then go to checkout. This helps you boost your revenue as your customers will be able to reach out to check out a lot faster. Also, this will improve the shopping experience of every user.

Trying to find out how you are going to install this on your Shopify online store? eCom Turbo has integrated this feature in its theme also.

Change the size and color of your buttons for ultimate testing! The checkout button can be customized, we have also added another button above the cart that can be toggled on and off. Get full control over your store’s sales funnels and stop losing sales! Did you notice there is also a nice little timer in the cart as well? Boost those sales!

Customize the Homepage

custom homepage

One of the best ways to help you find the best theme or product is to look at its customization features.

With eCom Turbo, everything in your online store page design is customizable. This gives you complete freedom to create your perfect online store. You can now personalize your page and the overall design.

You may also change the complete look and feel of the online store. If you are a newbie in ecommerce, you need eCom Turbo. No coding is required to customize the theme.

Create a beautiful homepage or change the text color and move everything around.

Who can use the eCom Turbo Shopify theme? How much does it cost?

eCom Turbo Shopify Theme Review: Key Takeaways

Choosing the right theme for your page or store can be bloody time-consuming, especially for beginners. That which you can’t skip when creating a website because it is an important stage and it can make or break your store in all aspects.

If you’re going to create your first Shopify store or you want to give your store a new look, eCom Turbo can help you get started. Although it’s quite pricey, it provides you with a great value for your money.

eCom Turbo has all sort of themes for all experience levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced marketer, you can find a theme that works best for you and your business. Make sure to choose the right theme for your experience level.

The technical support is also reliable and responsive. In case you experience any issues with the theme and you would want to discuss it with the product team, you can reach out to them through email.

Have you tried using the eCom Turbo Shopify theme? How was your experience? If you have any questions, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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