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getresponse review

Product Name: GetResponse

Product Description: After 10 years now, and sending out millions of emails using it, this is my honest GetResponse review. I've used Aweber, MailChimp, and other email marketing services, but GetReponse far surpasses them all in my opinion.

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My overall GetResponse Review is 5/5 well-deserved stars. For the past 10+ years I have used GetResponse to build and maintain my email lists. The functionality, features, integrations, and support all combine to make it truly the best email marketing software / service on the market.


I’m writing this GetResponse review after having used GetResponse for over 10 years now. Though I seem to recall using them even longer (closer to 12 years), I checked the billing history in my account and the first recorded payment is from February 1, 2010.

GetResponse Payment

So I’ve been using the GetResponse Email Marketing service for quite a long time. Since I’ve been running email marketing businesses all these years, I’ve used some of their biggest competitors extensively, such as Aweber, MailChimp, and others. Yes, I know the competition, and I stick with GetResponse.

I’m not alone, over 350,000 businesses worldwise use GetResponse for their email marketing (and overall online marketing) needs.

big getresponse customersGR

Why have I stuck with GetResponse for over 10 years?

For me there are several reasons:

Excellent Email Deliverability

According to OmniSend, 1 out of every 5 emails never reach the inbox. Yet, 99% of the emails sent through GetResponse do. That’s because they do automatic list hygiene and they have an incredible reputation among the leading email providers.

One part of the reason that my GetResponse review is 5/5 stars is due to their stellar email deliverability, which has been sustained for over a decade.

Early on in my Internet Marketing days, I didn’t think much of list hygiene. I just collected emails and mailed them regularly. Yet, the deliverability of my emails has always been very high. I attribute this to the automatic list hygiene that GetResponse undertakes for their clients, and the great reputation they have with email providers.

Any email marketing campaign that does not closely monitor email open rates and click-through rates, is a campaign that is not run effectively. With GetResponse you don’t have to worry about that. They’ve got you covered.

Smart Functionality/Features

Where do I begin! GetResponse has so many features I honestly felt overwhelmed writing about them. However, as a user I don’t feel overwhelmed. There are enough features to accomplish just about anything you can imagine, but they are integrated in a way that does makes for a simple and effective user experience.

A few fo the many features that I really like are the Perfect Timing & Time Travel features, which allow you to send your emails at the best time for each individual subscriber.

Let’s say John always opens his emails at around 8 a.m. GetResponse will send your email to him at this time, which drastically increases open rates. With “time travel” you can send your emails based on time zones, so when John gets his email at 8 a.m. EST in the US, James gets his at 8 a.m. GMT in England.

Another feature I really like is Segment-Specific Sends. This allows you to quickly and easily send special emails to certain segments. There are many possibilities with this, but let me give you a couple examples:

  • You mail your entire list, but 90% of them didn’t open it after a week. Send a segment-specific email just to those who didn’t open it, with a different angle, that gets more of them to open. I’ve done this and literally tripled the number of opens.
  • You want to re-engage subscribers that haven’t opened for 6 months or longer, so you email only that segment of subscribers, with a really attractive subject line, and offer inside.
  • You want to increase sales, so you send a different offer to subscribers who opened your offer emails, but didn’t buy. Just exclude the subscribers from your buy list and mail the new offer.

Tons of Integrations

The following are some of the top GetResponse integrations.

getresponse integrations


However, they integrate with a whopping 122 different products/services (and counting), including:

  • 30 Ecommerce – Perfect for use with eCom Elites.
  • 21 CRM (Content Management System)
  • 13 Social – Including Facebook, and all the other major players.
  • 10 Analytics – Including Google Analytics
  • 8 CMS (Customer Management System) – including PayKickstart.
  • 58 “other”

Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of most online businesses. The more of the products and services you use for your business that tie together seamlessly, the more profits you’re going to make generally speaking.

GetResponse integrates with just about any popular (and some not so popular) shopping cart, social site, analytics system, and marketing system out there.

Pre-Made Email Templates + Drag-and-drop Email Creator

You’ll have a large number of pre-made, high-quality email templates to choose from within your account. Just choose one, loan it, and write your email. GetResponse makes you look good.

But, you also have the option of using their simple, drag-and-drop email creator, which is what I usually use myself.

drag-and-drop email templates



Quickly and easily drag sections over into the editor. Images, buttons, videos and more can easily be added, modified and published, making your email (and you) look credible and professional, while also increasing conversions and sales.

Pre-Made Landing Pages

My GetResponse review includes their landing pages feature, though I don’t use them myself. However, GetResponse is more than just an email autoresponder service. Though I’ve yet to venture into some of them, they offer some pretty amazing looking landing pages and other non-email marketing features that can help you make more money online.

You can see a few of the pre-make landing pages you can easily load up, modify and run with, from within your account at GetResponse.

landing page templates


Email & Landing Page Split-Testing

Split-testing is a marketing fundamental! You don’t know what works best unless you test. And if you don’t know what’s best, you are surely losing out on money you could have had.

Fortunately, GetResponse has state of the art split-testing for both your email marketing campaigns and your landing pages (if you choose to use them). Just tell the system what you want to test, and their system collects all of the data and shows it to you in a clear, easy to understand display.

Once you’ve found the winner of your split test, create a new email or landing page (whichever one you’re testing) and constantly try to beat the winner. You’ll continue to increase your conversions, click-throughs, and ultimately sales.

email split-testingMulti-List Support

Many email marketing / autoresponder services are really built to focus on one list. They all support multiple lists, but when it comes to mailing multiple lists most are horrible at it! But not GetResponse.

You may not have this issue, but I do. I have tons of email lists, and when I send a new broadcast I usually send it out to all of the lists at once. Within my account I’m able to keep those broadcasts from going out to subscribers that have not finished the follow-up series (amazingly Aweber doesn’t have an easily solution for this).

I can also easily exclude any lists I don’t want the broadcast to go out to, and my email won’t go out to people who are on multiple lists multiple times. If they’re on two lists and I’m sending the broadcast to both lists, they will get one email.

I Barely Scratched the Surface

If I were to compare the GetResponse of today with the GetResponse of 10 years ago, the sheer value has dramatically increased as far as marketing goes. But the core reasons that brought me to GetResponse were their email deliverability and ease of use, and those have remained, or even improved.

There are so many other features I’ve failed to mention. If I covered them all this GetResponse review would take hours to read. I would encourage you to go to the official GetResponse website and check them all out yourself.

You can also view the latest marketing video their team just published below:

What about the Price

My GetResponse review of their pricing is also 5/5 stars. They offer excellent pricing based on your needs. You can begin with their free trial, then upgrade for as little as $15/m. The most popular, and the package I recommend, is the “PLUS” package which gets you webinars and everything else you need at a very reasonable price.

GerResponse Pricing

My GetResponse Review Summary

Overall I couldn’t recommend GetResponse more highly. That’s why I’ve been with them for over 10 years. As I mentioned previously, I’ve used Aweber and other competitors extensively, and GetResponse is in my opinion the best email marketing service on the market, and I think they will be for a long time to come.

I invite you to join me and 350,000 other GetResponse customers by clicking the button below and getting started with the best email marketing platform on the planet:



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