15 Best Gifts For Marketers Birthday, Holidays, Christmas, and More

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Are you wondering what the best gifts for marketers are? Perhaps your colleague in sales has a work anniversary coming up, Christmas, a birthday, last minute holiday season gifts, or you have your wedding anniversary in the upcoming week and your spouse happens to be a marketing manager. Regardless of whom you’re looking to buy a gift for, a lot of brainstorming needs to go into finding the right gift for that marketer in your life.

Before we delve deeper, it’s important to know that marketing and sales people aren’t easy to impress. To engross these creative minds, you need think out of the box and come up with something inspiring, resourceful and/or innovative. In this guide, we’ll take you through some top gift ideas for marketing professionals. The products will range from coffee mugs to online subscriptions to books, and more. Choose the one that aligns well with your marketer’s personality. 

Marketer Fuel Coffee Mug For the Marketer In Your Life

Gifts for marketers sometimes have their title literally written on it. Better yet, this one is filled with coffee! Content marketing and other marketers tend to drink coffee in the morning, just like other professionals. If you give them this gift, you know they’ll use it everyday. And they will think about you when they do. Click here to get this awesome gift for the marketer in your life

Twitter Handle Necklace

If the recipient is a female social media strategist, the Twitter handle necklace is going to one of the ideal gifts for marketers. It can be a great way to recognize and reward a social media marketer in your company who single-handedly grew your brand’s Twitter following from 5 to 5000 and beyond. You can easily find the product on Etsy.


Digital marketing has taken the world by storm. If you plan to gift a digital marketer, you might be looking for something that is relevant for them. It’s common for online marketers to handle multiple accounts simultaneously. Some multi-taskers are responsible for handling 5 or more social media accounts, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) account, Content Management System (CMS) account, and more. In most cases, the passwords used to secure these accounts are strong and complicated. Remembering each account’s password is crucial to help secure them. If this sounds like what your marketing friend is doing, gift them 1Password.

1Password is a valuable app that serves as an efficient password manager for marketing professionals and others. Named as one of G2’s Best Software Products of 2021, it enables users to store and use strong passwords conveniently. Using the app, they should be able to log in to sites and securely fill login forms with a single click. Currently, more than 80,000 firms are using 1Password to secure their business accounts and safeguard data from breaches.

Plus, if the marketer you want to gift works remotely, 1Password Business should make their work-from-home more secure. To learn more about the product or buy it as gift, visit the 1Password website today. Who would’ve thought a password manager would make such a great gift?

Skill Building Classes


Most young marketers today are more determined than ever to acquire more skills and expand their knowledge banks. Many of them want to go beyond their area of expertise to improve their personal effectiveness and stand out from the fierce competition in the job market. 

If the recipient of your gift happens to be an intellectually curious marketer, consider gifting them paid online training programs that allow them to learn new skills. Some digital marketers want to learn coding, programming, or designing skills. Skillshare and Codeacademy are some of the most amazing platforms that offer low-cost online tutorials and classes. This is a great gift for marketers who are active learners.

Contigo AutoSeal Kangaroo Water Bottle with Pocket

Marketers are just as health-conscious as other professionals. Many of them don’t even get time to go home between work and the gym. Hence, they’ll often leave their valuables in the gym locker room. Your marketer won’t require this if you gift them the Contigo Autoseal Kangaroo Water Bottle. It features a spacious pocket where they can safely keep their cash, credit cards, keys, and other items.

Starbucks e-Gift Card

This is as digital as it gets, you can now send your passionate marketer an electronic gift card for coffee. Given that they spend long hours in front of the computer screen, the marketer won’t be able to thank you enough for the Starbucks e-gift card.

Fresh Steak for the WFH Marketer

If you’re trying to impress a marketer who works from home, have steak delivered to their door. This gift idea may not have anything to do with marketing but it’s based on the premise that everyone loves steak. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to prepare it yourself. All you need to do is place an order on FreshDirect and they’ll deliver it to your marketer at your specified time. Get this gift for marketers who love to stay home.

Plastic Book for a Real Book

Marketers can be serious bookworms, and if this sounds similar to the marketer you’re planning to gift, they might be catching up with their favorite hobby during lunch breaks. However, if you’ve ever tried reading a book while eating, you probably know how incompatible flipping pages can be while eating. 

Thankfully, a Japanese company came up with a viable solution. It launched a transparent, plastic book that lays on top of the real book to hold the pages in place, allowing you to read while your hands are free to facilitate eating. Gift the item to your marketer and they’ll ‘Whatsapp’ you a ‘thank you’ message every time they find time to read.

Everybody Writes

If you’re dealing with a content marketer, they know how much writing matters in today’s content-driven world. Tell them you support this notion by gifting them ‘Everybody Writes’, a go-to guide to creating ridiculously good content to attract and retain customers. It will help them whether they’re managing a website or social media marketing. The insights they learn in the book will help them create conversion-oriented content from their website or produce eye-catching, engaging content for social media marketing to grab attention.

The book ‘Everybody writes comprises of six sections, namely:

  • How to Write Better: provides some handy blueprints for better brainstorming and writing
  • Things Marketers Write: Offers a super-tactical look into typical marketing tasks
  • Story Rules: Includes guidelines to infuse your content with integrity, heart and soul. 
  • Publishing Rules: some ground rules of publishing and journalism.
  • Writing Rules: Easy usage and grammar rules for businesses explained in a fun and memorable way. 
  • Content Tools: Covers a reference list of paraphernalia and resources to help you produce your best content pieces. 

When giving books as gifts to your bookworm marketer, be sure to share these benefits with them so they can make the most out of it.

Business Card Case


Just because your marketer’s efforts are focused online doesn’t mean they don’t need an actual business card. It holds their identity and they feel proud of it, so they’ll most certainly possess one. Offering them something to hold the card should make a valuable gift. 

We recommend Business Card Case from Moo. It will provide them with a perfect way showcase what they do. Made from recyclable plastic, the case holds up to 9 Luxe Business or 15 Original Business Cards of standard size. 

Book Cover Laptop Case

We have another great item for a bookworm marketer, so if the last one didn’t click with you, try the book cover laptop case from Twelve South. Simply put, it’s a laptop case that resembles a book. 

Premium Subscriptions of Productivity Apps

Until now, your marketer might be using all sorts of free online tools to plan their campaigns and organize their time. If you can, find out exactly what online apps they’re currently using, gifting them the premium versions of those same tools is a great idea. It will provide them access to all the bells and whistles for an entire year. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular online tools to consider:

Dropbox: People no longer save their files in laptops or desktops offline. An increasing number of users now rely on cloud data storage so that they can access their data from anywhere and ensure that it remains protected. There’s a great chance that your marketer uses Dropbox to save store their data. Upgrade their Dropbox account to the pro-version. It costs only $9.99/month or $99/year. 

Evernote: This app functions as repository for articles, images, marketing, documents, and ideas examples. The tool can be used on your phone, tablet, and desktop, so the user can take it with them wherever they go. The biggest benefit offered by this tool is its outstanding searching ability. Not only can you search for documents quickly but also find specific words in a picture to retrieve your content back. If your marketer likes the free version of this app, they’ll love Evernote’s premium offering, which offers better search, an interesting presentation mode, and more storage.

Feedly Pro: Feedly was adopted on a large scale as the replacement RSS reader when Google Reader closed its doors. This was a free version. The premium version called Feedly Pro is a way more powerful tool that offers full support, one-click integrations, and custom sharing URLs.

Freelancer Tools

If your marketer is a freelancer, make their life easier with tools from Zerys or Writer Access. Issue it the form of a gift certificate, wrapping it up in a bow.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

If your marketer works from home and they have a family with small kids, they may have managed to separate themselves in a home office, but cutting off their constant disruptive noise might be a huge challenge to them. Gift them a reliable noise-cancelling headphone that will block out all external noise and help them focus on the work they’re doing. When considering this option, however, quality matters big time. So, you’ll need to choose a high-end brand such as Bose. It will cost you at least $180, which is pricey but offers great value for money. 

If you can get over the price, this should make an awesome gift to your marketer. It will lead your marketer into their own uninterrupted and cozy digital marketing world. 


The INBOUND is a highly awaited marketing event that’s due to take place from 12 to 14 October, 2021. For dedicated marketers, this event is like no other. If your friend is a true marketer, chances are they’re already looking forward to the event. If they haven’t bought the tickets yet, do them this favor. They’ll thank you for years to come. It will not only recharge them professionally but also enhance their personal effectiveness. Right now, the digital pass is available for $49. You can get an INBOUND ticket here.

“Eat. Sleep. Blog.” T-Shirt

Marketers have a similar gigs: meet endless writing deadlines and seemingly unattainable lead generation goals. They have a common purpose of capturing people’s fascination. This sentiment is precisely summarized by this “Eat. Sleep. Blog.” T-shirt. Order this product from Amazon for your blogging marketer.

Marketers Gift Ideas Recap

By now, you should have obtained a fair idea about what the best gifts for marketers are. After going through the list of the top gift ideas for marketing professionals, you should now find yourself in a much better position to choose a gift for the marketer in your life. Whether they are a student with an advertising major, a sales manager, an entrepreneur, or a marketing executive in a company, you should be able to find the right fit for them from our list. 

While your choice should depend on the type of personality of the recipient or what clicks with them, we still recommend skill building classes from Skillshare and Codeacademy. The reason this idea tops our list is that marketers want to keep learning throughout their careers, regardless of where they currently stand. 


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