Hayden Bowles – Hacking Shopify & Ecom Remastered 2.0 In-Depth Course Review

Learning how to create your own business is always coming with its fair share of challenges, but for the most part it all comes down to the same thing again and again. Not only do you have to figure out how to start your website, but you also need to learn how to establish
dropshipping as a professional way of making money. That’s why we created a comprehensive review where we compare 3 great courses which will help you harness the power of dropshipping.

But as you can imagine, some of the courses are better than others, so if you want to know which one is the best you just have to read onward and you will finally get to know which is the best value for your money!

Hacking Shopify

Hacking Shopify is maybe one of the most popular courses in the ecommerce world. It was created particularly with the idea of offering you a quick start in the ecommerce world. The thing that a lot of people like about this course is its structure, as you get to learn all, there is to know about every little topic, and then you go in-depth as much as possible with every new idea. It’s worth the effort and you will enjoy it quite a bit.


Hacking Shopify introduces you to mistakes at first, because it tells you how to not establish an ecommerce website. This is very handy because it’s important to know what to avoid before you get into something that really works. After that you will learn the fundamentals. You will learn how to pick a niche or the right products and how to find suppliers on Ali Express. Another great thing is that you can then learn how to create the Shopify store, how you can set prices, create social media pages and so on.

They also have a dedicated section where they talk about how you can contact influencers to promote the store on Instagram, not to mention you will learn how to setup, scale and manage Facebook ads.


We found the introduction to be very short. Sure, it’s meant to introduce you to the topic and nothing else, but honestly it doesn’t feel that comprehensive or informative to begin with. It could definitely be improved as it would serve for a much better way to talk and learn about
the entire experience as a whole.


The Fundamentals are pretty good and to the point. You have a 5-minute video about what is dropshipping and how it works. It’s ok if you’re new, and sparing 5 minutes for that info sounds pretty good. Then you have a video about creating a strategy, and you have 12 minutes related to that. After that you learn how to study niches and how you can pick your own. You also get to learn how to find suppliers on Ali Express, something that’s simple once you get the hang of it. The fact that it uses the Ali Express method is a bit problematic for some people that want a local supplier, but in the end you just have to replace steps, and you will get pretty much the same results.

Building your store

They do a very good job at letting you know how to build up the store. It’s a bit sketchy that Hayden Bowes, the course creator uses his own affiliate link to help you install Shopify, but I guess in some way it might seem normal.

3 Core Principles Of Ecommerce (Shopify Dropshipping) by Hayden Bowles

However, the videos are straight and to the point here. You learn how to install, set up and adapt your store to suit your needs. The good thing is that you will have an opportunity to see how exactly you customize and manage the store on your own without having to worry about challenges. Every piece of information shared here is very comprehensive and for the most part, we found it to work well, which is exactly what you expect from a good tutorial.

Instagram and Facebook modules

These are the final 2 and we believe that they are pretty good. Instagram videos are related to how you can promote products on Instagram and how you can find influencers on your own. But it also shows how you can automate Instagram in order to run better and more efficiently
for your own business, which is something you always want to focus on.

Are there additional videos?

Unfortunately there aren’t any. You just have the 5 sections, and then that’s it. No outro from the creator, no special bonuses and so on. At its price, you expect a whole lot more, and honestly that’s unfortunate because you do end up with a bad value for the money. It would have been nice to have some extras, but if they are not there, then we have to move on towards something else. They do have a mastermind group and there you will see people asking why they aren’t making any money. But you will also have posts with people that make money, yet they don’t say what costs they had to achieve those goals.

Can you get your money back?

There is a guarantee here, however you can access it within 24 hours. Otherwise you will not be able to get some good results here. Probably a lot of people asked for refunds within a week or so, hence the reason why they wanted a refund rate within less than a day. While there’s a refund clause, it’s not exactly what you expect.


• It’s easy to get started
• You can use Facebook to scale your business and promote niche products
• You can create a brand suitable for resale
• There are lots of products to choose from
• There’s no need for you to be good at sales


• People can steal your winning product and sell themselves
• Profit margins are 10-20%
• Physical products are very hard to scale
• You rely on Facebook ads too much


Ecom Remastered 2.0

Starting an ecommerce website is an extraordinary journey, and at times it can be a very tricky and challenging one. But the potential is there and in the end, you can achieve greatness with it. Ecom Remastered 2.0 is an improvement over Hacking Shopify, but it also comes with a $300 price increase, which makes you wonder if this is the better option or not.


Just like Hacking Shopify, the introduction is confusing. It states notions about high-level marketing without really defining what that is, and that’s going to be quite the challenge for newcomers. Once the short introduction about dropshipping and the strategies you want to use is finished, you will notice that Ecom Remastered 2.0 goes straight into the next topic.



Facebook ad basics

These basics are pretty well shared with the audience. You get to understand where the need to create ads comes from. And you even know what type of ads you can create and how you can establish them the right way. Every tiny detail matters when it comes to stuff like this, so
you have to be creative and come up with some great ideas if you want to make it work. But learning how to create Facebook ads is a great thing here.

Types of Ads

During this particular module, you learn about more specific things like when you need to launch the ads, how well they will do based on how you launch and so on. They will also tell you about the campaign types that you need to launch and how you can set your budget. And of course, it touches on a variety of ad types that you can create for your audience. While there aren’t a ton of videos here, the content is compact and rather well done based on my own experience with it.

Running Ads

At this point, you learn about what type of data will people want to watch when you create ads. Obviously not everyone has the same taste, so you get to know how to break down ads, how to duplicate ads and so on. This section wasn’t as comprehensive for me at least, I expected a lot more detail. It still has lots of basic details that newcomers will enjoy.


In the Audiences section, you will get to learn about lookalike audiences and retargeting. This module, in particular, is disappointing for some of us mainly because it could have been a bit better implemented. The information is very basic, and you don’t have a lot of examples
which can sometimes make stuff like this very confusing. It’s still ok, but it can totally be better, so try to keep that in mind.

Sales Funnels

For the Funnels section the creator went with Zipify and how to use it in order to create and manage funnels. The information is quite comprehensive for what it is, and it delivers a huge range of information that you do not want to miss. It’s nice that you get a case study, this
makes the entire experience a whole lot better and you will be pretty impressed with the way everything works and how they adapted the entire process. Checking out the case study might not be very easy, but the results can be astonishing and that’s exactly what you need in the end.

Extra add-ons

The additional stuff added here is quite interesting and rewarding. They have a Power Pixel, 3×3 grids, chatbox marketing and how you can use Viper Marketing to start marketing products. Honestly the program on its own is quite good and it does bring in front a good way to add some new features to your store. That being said, relying on a third party marketing service is not as good as you may want, because this can disappear at one point.

Conversion boosters

This is obviously one of the main strengths of the course because you get to learn how to use email marketing, how you can create newsletters, recover abandoned carts and so on. Every minor detail matters when it comes to stuff like this, and you need to do everything you can in order to win and explore all possible options. They even offer a guideline on how you can do post-purchase email flows, which are to the point and well done.

Instagram influencers

Just like his previous course, Hayden relies a lot on social media, and here you have, once again, a way to work with influencers. This one is better detailed, it shows what prices you should pay, how you can scale influencers, if you can work with more than one, how you can do shout out configuration and so on. It might not be the perfect option in this situation, but it does work, and that’s exactly what matters in the end.




Finally we have bonuses for this kind of course. There are 3 bonuses in total, one is free access to a product research group that shares ad copy, Facebook strategies and pricing ideas. There are also hand picked HSD program modules that give you a lot of ecommerce tactics.
And then you have the last one with 3 modules on its own and each one allows you to duplicate what 7-figure experts do to generate income.

Closing thoughts

Ecom Remastered 2.0 is quite large, definitely a lot more comprehensive when compared to Hacking Shopify, but it still lacks some information and the way it’s created feels rushed at times. The videos are not super professional, the sound quality could be better, and there’s a lot of theory without information to back it up. It’s great if you want to learn new stuff, but if you rely solely on theory this can obviously be an issue.


• Multiple different modules with lots of information
• It has some interesting bonuses
• The information is outlined in an easy to use manner
• Some new and impressive tricks that not a lot of people use.


• Too expensive for what you receive
• Lots of theory, not a lot of data to support every claim
• Some topics are not explained completely
• Experienced users can skip lots of content as it’s way too basic


eCom Elites vs Hacking Shopify & Ecom Remastered 2.0 

eCom Elites is created by Franklin Hatchett, and it’s designed to bring you a rather new and interesting perspective on the ecommerce world. Unlike the tutorials above however, this one is more complete, it has data to back it up and a pretty good structure that will make it easy
to learn everything at your own pace. I cover an entire ecom elites review here also. With 12 modules you feel that you get your money’s worth here. And most of these are rather detailed, as you can see below.

How To Create A Profitable Dropshipping Store In 2019 by Franklin Hatchett

Shopify Setup

The first module is named Setting Up Shopify and it offers you a step by step approach when it comes to setting up the platform. It has customization, taxes, setting up shipping rates, adding special offers, promotions, upsell information and so on. You don’t need a lot more
than that to start a business, and this tells a lot about Shopify and how you can use it.

Sourcing products

Finding products is a tedious job most of the time but eCom Elites makes it simple. You have 2 hours related to product and niche selection, getting inspiration and so on. Every bit of information is comprehensive, professional and full of data, which is what you really need.



Facebook Ads

The Facebook Ads method is designed to cover everything related to ads. It enables you to set up your account, install pixels, create ad copy and ads as a whole, you even get to learn how to use video ads and how to customize them.

Instagram traffic

This course also focuses on getting Instagram traffic, but here you have more than just influencer strategies. You get to know about running IG adverts, retargeting, ad setup videos and so on. This approach is more complete and better as a whole, which is exactly what makes it one of the better options, especially for newcomers.

Email marketing

In this section you will use GetResponse to create and customize a campaign. There are more than 15 videos here, and you learn everything from collecting and sending emails to setting up automated emails, improving open rates, creating newsletters and so on. The information
is to the point, very helpful and you don’t see it beat around the bush too much.


This topic is one not a lot of courses cover, but it’s super important. You do need to learn as such as you can about bots and how to use them, and eCom Elites shares everything from setting them up to creating advanced chat, popup boxes, running chatbot ads and so on. All the info is super easy to use and a pleasure to enjoy every time.



Creating the sales funnel

The course creator relies on Clickfunnels, which might be a good or a bad thing for some. That being said, you do get a very good idea of how you can set up an account on Clickfunnels, how you can integrate Shopify for automatic fulfillment and how you can start fulfilling orders the right way. You even receive some notions about setting up funnel retargeting, which ends up being a pretty good idea to begin with.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a stellar platform if you want to generate more traffic and income. And this course does cover everything from installing the Google Pixel to ad layout, keyword research, using the platform and so on. It’s basically content similar to the Google Ads Ecom Academy
but at a much cheaper price.

Organic Google Traffic

As the name suggests, he will rely a lot on SEO, how you can implement it and so on. Unlike most of the other modules, the SEO section is not as comprehensive. He does outline some great SEO techniques, but not all of them are shared here and it could totally be better. You
will need some more information about acquiring organic traffic and SEO in general if you want to have a good understanding. But considering the true focus of this course, it’s not that big of an issue.

Secret videos, updated module with new videos, video requests, and weekly videos. These are the final modules and you have new content being added all the time. It’s always cool to have new stuff added and the best part is that it really works exactly as you would expect. It’s well worth checking out and the fact that it’s really easy to use and adapt to your needs is a great thing to have. While it’s not mandatory to add new content, a lot of people appreciate it and it’s definitely something that users expect to have.



Are there bonuses?

There are Q&A sessions with Franklin, a private Facebook Mastermind Group and a few other great surprises. While the price point is affordable and not as high as other courses, you will find that this is a pretty good and impressive package for the money.

Why it is better than Hayden’s courses?

That depends on you and your expectations. For the most part eCom Elites delivers exactly what you need and so much more. It’s designed to deliver all the information you want but it covers everything with detailed instructions and other great stuff. It’s one of those programs that you can come back to at times and find something new. The fact that it’s updated often and it has Q&A sessions as well as a private group makes it an even better option.




• Very comprehensive, complete and professional
• Every module is detailed and to the point
• It offers real-life examples of people that used this system
• Short videos that focus on a very specific point


• It’s quite long and it takes some time to go through it
• You need to come back to revisit some ideas at times
• No Econ Turbo Theme included


Which is the best?

While Hayden’s courses are interesting and unique, it’s safe to say that eCom Elites is a lot better. The fact that it has constant updates, a significantly lower price point and more detailed information on every level makes it a no-brainer. You should definitely consider giving eCom Elites a try if you want a good ecommerce course that doesn’t cost a lot of money, yet which is set to make you thousands if you use it right!

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