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Name: How to Promote Clickfunnels as an Affiliate

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Description: There are so many ways on how to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate. From paid to free traffic methods, you can promote your sales funnel, make money out of it and boost your conversions quickly.

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Provider: Russell Brunson

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Clickfunnels is one of the best affiliate programs out there today that gives you so many options to promote the software itself and make more money. You can increase your profits and develop yourself as an affiliate because there are tons of ways on how you can promote your funnels and places where you can sell them fast.

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What is the fastest way to promote Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is an amazing software and provides you with plenty of opportunities, especially if you want to make more money. There are so many ways on how to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate. From paid to free traffic methods, you can promote your sales funnel, make money out of it and boost your conversions quickly.

If you are an online marketer and you are just starting to learn affiliate marketing, Clickfunnels affiliate program is the best way to help you get started. It offers an array of tools that are truly effective and powerful. It’s easy to make money through Clickfunnels and promote the software and its other products. But what is really the fastest way to promote Clickfunnels without spending too much on ads and other paid traffic methods?

I’m a proud Clickfunnels affiliate and Clickfunnels has helped me not only earn some commissions but also taught me a variety of ways on how to become an effective and efficient affiliate. In this review, let’s find out what’s the easiest and fastest ways to promote your products and services through Clickfunnels or simply the Clickfunnels itself.

What is Clickfunnels used for?

Before you start promoting Clickfunnels, you have to understand what it really is and the features that make it different from other affiliate softwares out there. You’d want to know if Clickfunnels is best for your business and how you can maximize it to drive traffic or sales and grow your business.

If you don’t have any product or service that you can sell or promote through Clickfunnels, you can simply promote the Clickfunnels software itself. For example, you can create and design sales funnels and sell it to others. Or if you have a website, you can offer Clickfunnels to others and earn an affiliate commission.

Clickfunnels offers a wide range of features and tools including email auto responders, opt-in pages and sales pages creation, order forms and more. Basically, it has all the core elements that you need to create effective and high converting funnels that are specific to your niche or product. It has built-in professional and converting templates that you can use as model for creating your own funnels. Also, it has a simple drag and drop editor and other customization options that makes it easier for you to create, design and optimize your own site.

From social media to website to other traffic and conversion method options, there are several ways to promote your Clickfunnels fast. You just have to try them and see which one works best for you.

Start a Clickfunnels website

You can easily start a blog website to promote Clickfunnels. If you don’t have a website yet, you can try using WordPress. It has a flexible and user-friendly interface. Once your website is ready, you can start adding content promoting Clickfunnels. Make sure to optimize your articles with the right keywords. Update your site with fresh content until you can slowly build authority.

Some of the content you can create on your site are software comparison reviews. You can start creating reviews comparing Clickfunnels with other software tools in terms of its features or price and let people decide at the end what makes Clickfunnels different and why they should start using it.

The more high-quality content you can create on your site, the more traffic you’ll get. Your website will be a go-to source for anything Clickfunnels and affiliate marketing related.

How to promote Clickfunnels on Facebook?

Promoting as Clickfunnels affiliate on Facebook becomes much easier especially if you have a wide network on Facebook and you know how the Facebook Marketplace works.

There are 3 distinctive ways on how to promote Clickfunnels on Facebook.

  • Using Facebook group
  • Using your personal profile (Attraction Marketing)
  • Running ads

Promoting Clickfunnels with Facebook Group

Basically, there are 2 methods which you can promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate on Facebook groups. Either you do that by creating your own group or leveraging an existing Facebook group.

Creating a Group

When creating a group, you have to set your goal first on how you are going to use that group for your affiliate marketing goals. Before you sell your products or services and even put it out there, you need to understand your audience or customers. How are you going to engage with them? How are you going to make them trust your brand or business? Where’s the best place to find them?

It’s easy to create a Facebook group and get started with Clickfunnels. There are several ways on how you can use a Facebook group and maximize it to promote Clickfunnels and make money.

Customize your group
russel brunson facebook group

Customize your group. Make sure the branding is good and it fits its purpose. Check out the description. It should tell the customers or the visitors a short background of your business, what you are trying to offer them (either a product or service), and what they need to do. Next, add an awesome group banner that describes what the group is about.

Add a group resource section

You can also add a group resource section, where you sell your members any offers you have. Here you can create a lot of free training where the implementation involves the use of Clickfunnels product.

Create a downloadable cheat sheet

This is another type of freebie that you can add on your Facebook group resource section. This cheat sheet can help the audience to help them make Clickfunnels commission. For example, if you are an SEO, you can create a downloadable guide on how to do SEO or anything you can think of. Then include a link of the Clickfunnels products on the guide. Perhaps, you’d want to promote the DotComSecrets or the Expert Secrets.

dotcom experts

You can also link it to your personal website, blogs or even an external resource section. This is a great way to show your members that you value them and you want to help them grow and succeed in this journey. At the same time, your goal is to make them take action by signing up to any of the Clickfunnels affiliate offers.

There are plenty of ways really but it just depends on the resources you have and which strategy works best. You can even give them a valuable incentive or send them a free gift and in return, you will have to ask for their email address.

Leverage an existing Facebook group

Another way is to leverage an existing group to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate. For those who find creating a Facebook group from scratch difficult, you can try this option.

You can use other people’s Facebook group to get the members sign up to your link. Of course, this has to be done as discreet as possible. Do it ethically and method, or should it come off as spammy.

When joining groups, always introduce yourself as a new member and let the other members know what you do, why you joined the group and how you can help the group or bring impact to other members. This will tell other members that they need to watch out for you and the valuable content you will have to offer them. The challenge here is how to make yourself stand out.

Make yourself sound like an expert or professional in what you are doing and try to be friendly and interact with other members of the group. Never post anything on the group without reading the rules and guidelines. Some of the groups have rules that does not allow posting links or promoting any products. Otherwise you will be banned in the group for life!

Promote Clickfunnels on your personal Facebook profiles

Some affiliates prefer promoting Clickfunnels on their personal Facebook profiles and it works.  After all, it is your personal account and you can do just anything or promote anything you want.

It’s a great platform to market and sell products and services but you have to try to not overdo it. Unless, it might kill your brand. You don’t want to keep posting random buy me affiliate links on your profile and tag your random friends. Like how you interact in Facebook group, do it nicely and ethically.

Provide value (lots of it!) and educate your friends about a certain topic that you are expert with. You can also check out how top Clickfunnels affiliates are doing it and model their methods of getting new Clickfunnels trials. When someone asks questions, answer them politely.

Here are ways on what you can do to promote Clickfunnels on your personal Facebook effectively.

  • Audit your profile.
  • Check your banner and description.
  • Whatever you are trying to sell or offer, include it on your profile description.
  • Get a good headshot profile and a professional bio with CTA.
  • Optimize it thoroughly to send a message to your customers what you are and what you can do for them.
  • And above all… make it look professional.

How to promote Clickfunnels using share funnels?

Many affiliate marketers use share funnels to promote Clickfunnels as an effective method to make money. And many times, it works.

Funnel sharing is one of Clickfunnels awesome features that is built within the software itself. It also helps you boost your commissions if it’s done right.

How does share funnel works?

Every funnel you create on your Clickfunnels account has a unique URL called share funnel URL. Once you copy that link, you can share it with others. And when someone check out and click the link that you shared, it will take them to the Clickfunnels page to either login or sign-up so they can access the FREE funnel you created for them.

If the person is a Clickfunnels user, he can download the funnel straight to his account. Otherwise, he will have to sign-up for the 14-day free trial to access the Clickfunnels features. If they would sign-up and become a Clickfunnels member, you will get a 40% commission of any Clickfunnels product they purchase.

Using share funnels to promote Clickfunnels

Here are some examples on how you can promote Clickfunnels and make money with share funnels.

How to use and promote the One Funnel Away challenge?

clickfunnels one funnel away

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a great Clickfunnels affiliate training that can help you get more commissions. It’s only $100 and you can keep 100% of the commissions to yourself. If you have no time or skill to create and design funnels, you can check out other funnel ideas to find some inspiration in creating your own.

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Build own sales funnel to sell your own product or service

If you want to promote Clickfunnels effectively, you have to start using it or at least know how it works. If you have a product or service, start creating a sales funnels and use it to sell your product.

Use share funnel as incentive for a content upgrade

share funnels

Share funnels are excellent upgrades for you content. If you can share to people your experience with creating sales funnels and how it helped you grow your business, then it makes them excited to sign-up to your list and add your funnel to their account.

Create funnels for local business in your area

Create a funnel for a specific business and then sell it to local businesses of that niche for a fixed price. Once they agree, give them your share url and make them sign-up and use your funnels. The key here is to find local area businesses that sells products or services.

Create your own funnel building service

If you are good in building and designing funnels, make it your own business and make sales funnels and share it or sell it to others. Make sure you use your share url so you can earn bonus commissions.

Find other successful sales funnels out there and clone them

Most of the brands and business are using sales funnels. Find one, learn how it works and replicate or clone them in Clickfunnels.

Use share funnels as a value-add to your email marketing

This works for some niches. Providing real value to your audience is vital in creating an effective email marketing campaign. You always need to provide people with engaging and compelling content so they get excited whenever they open your emails.

How to promote Clickfunnels on Youtube?

Youtube is a great place to promote your products and services. Plus, it’s free and one of the most authentic and truly effective way to generate leads and get sign-ups. Second to Facebook, Youtube has over thousands of users and almost everyone who purchase products and service look it up on the platform.

Video marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategy used by many affiliates and businesses. From product reviews to how to videos, there are plenty of ways on how you can promote Clickfunnels on Youtube. Of course, it has to be well thought. You have to think about what type of content your customers will enjoy and love.

If you are selling a product, you’d want to highlight the best features of your products and what makes it different and unique from its competitors. When promoting your offers, you have to think like your customers. That is why it is crucial to know the demographics and understand their behavior.

How to promote Clickfunnels using video reviews?

This one is probably the most common strategy that most marketers use to sell Clickfunnels and other affiliate products. All you have to do is to record a Youtube Review and describe what Clickfunnels is, how it works and how it can benefit them.

Promote by comparing Clickfunnels with competitors software

If you are using other software products and tools, you can also make a comparison review of Clickfunnels and those other products you are using. You can compare their features and pricing plan and review why Clickfunnels is a better option and why people should use it or purchase it. Make sure you provide value to your customers and avoid being on the fence.

Get affiliate sign-ups using How to videos

You can also create How To videos explaining the steps on how to create sales funnels and include your affiliate link. Make sure you do it professionally. The content has to be clear, informative and entertaining, so people will buy and watch it throughout the end of the video. You can also create a demo video on how to integrate CF into other third-party software.

There are just so many types of content that you can think of and use to promote Clickfunnels. Make sure you use the right keywords, choose a title with high ranking keywords, optimize video description, video tags, use effective CTAs, design compelling video thumbnail. And remember to share it on your other social media platforms!

You can even use your video and embed them on your blogs or websites to get more backlinks. This is an effective way to make your content rank faster on the search engine results.

How to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate using Google Adwords?

You can also use Google Adwords to bring traffic to your Clickfunnels site. First, you have to bid on the keywords and then set the necessary targeting options. The key here is to make sure you don’t drive direct traffic to your affiliate link. Instead, build a list while on the process and then redirect it to the main Clickfunnels sign-up page afterwards. There are ways on how you can make it seem like you are not promoting a product or service but actually you are.

If you know how to do SEO then it’s going to be a lot easier. However, if you have no idea or whatsoever on how to do this the fast way, you can also hire an Adwords expert to help you.

Some of the ads network where you can promote your Clickfunnels offers are Bing Ads, Yahoo, Adroll or through Youtube Ads. If you are planning to use PPC traffic method, start with Google Ads. It lets you find the best keywords and see which one can provide you with the best results and how many traffic you can get.

How to make money through the Clickfunnels Certified Partners Program?

clickfunnels certification

Once you sign up for the Clickfunnels Certification Partners program, you will get an access to the Etison Suite plan and advanced features of the software. Also, you will be coached and trained by the Clickfunnels team on how to create high converting sales funnels. This gives you an opportunity to become a certified Clickfunnels partner while earning money.

If you want to learn how to build effective and high converting sales funnels and launch your own offers successfully, you can become a certified partner and charge others to build great funnels. Signing up to this Clickfunnels program is really a great investment.

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Final thoughts

Clickfunnels is one of the best affiliate programs out there today that gives you so many options to promote the software itself and make more money. You can increase your profits and develop yourself as an affiliate because there are tons of ways on how you can promote your funnels and places where you can sell them fast.

There are plenty of reasons on why you should choose and promote Clickfunnels and ways on how you can do it. First, well, the huge commissions are a total deal! Next, you’ll develop your ability to create and design sales funnels and become a great affiliate. Moreover, it gives you opportunity to make some money on the side and get busy growing your business while improving your relationship with other affiliates.

If you are excited to try the Clickfunnels, there’s a 14-day free trial period where you can see how it works. Lastly, there’s a free affiliate training that gives you continuous training and support from the Clickfunnels team.

If you are looking for the fastest way to promote Clickfunnels, you have plenty of options. You just have to try which one performs fast and best for you. If you are using Facebook and you are comfortable sharing your funnels or using it as a platform for promoting Clickfunnels, then use Facebook. However, if you feel you need to use paid ads or use video to boost your marketing strategy, you can also choose that option. Find your customers and understand what they need and want and what you can offer them and start from there.

Have you tried using Clickfunnels? What do you think is the easiest and fastest way to promote Clickfunnels as an affiliate? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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