One Funnel Away Challenge Review for 2023 | Is It Worth Your $100?

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One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Name: One Funnel Away Challenge

Description: The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day training program designed to guide you to launch your first funnel or to improve your next funnels.

Provider: Clickfunnels

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With the ease of access of ClickFunnels and The One Funnel Away Challenge, you’re sure to have absolutely everything you need to sell your products or services online, generate leads and convert them into paying customers, draw traffic to your website, and most importantly, generate profit!

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When almost 1.8 billion people in the world are now shopping online, it’s essential for you as a business owner to adapt with the times as well. That means taking your business online and creating an online store. However, there are a lot of platforms that are available to you to choose from. Which, then, are you going to choose? ClickFunnels is clearly one of the most coveted landing page builders in the world but if you’re unsure how to use it, then the One Funnel Away Challenge might be the ultimate solution to that. It will teach you all the strategies on using the platform as well as marketing tips and tricks for the growth of your business! Thus, checking out this One Funnel Away Challenge Review for 2021 is one of the best steps for you to take.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a landing page builder that automates the entire sales process. It lets you control every step of the buying journey of your customers. The platform allows you to create stunning landing pages that will attract your customers and make sure that they keep coming back for more!

What’s good about ClickFunnels is that you don’t need technical knowledge to make a lucrative landing page! The easy drag and drop features and high customization assures a smooth building experience even for the most inexperienced page builders. There are many other features that ClickFunnels offers, so consider reading our ClickFunnels Review for 2021 where we talk and rate the features, price, training, and support offered by the platform. You’ll see why we gave it a good 5 out of 5 stars!


ClickFunnels is already the best platform for beginner business people who want to sell their products and services online and it’s also the best platform to shift to if an existing website-owner wants to enjoy more lucrative features. However, if you still need some help or just want to make sure that you are aware of all the features and how to make your way around the platform, then we suggest that you enroll yourself in the One Funnel Away Challenge.

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day training program designed to guide you to launch your first funnel or to improve your next funnels.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is recommended for newbies to business and ClickFunnels. It also offers strategies to business people who have existing knowledge on lead generation and marketing.

Priced at $100, this 30-Day program boasts a total value of $3,126 that covers the following:

  • 30 Days of Video Missions from Russell Brunson: $997 value
  • 30 Days of Coaching from Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian: $997 value
  • One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit (30-Day Plan): $247 value
  • Physical Copy of the Challenge Workbook: $97 value
  • MP3 Player: $297 value
  • 30 Days Hardcover Book: $97 value
  • Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews: $297 value
  • Behind The Scenes – Two Comma Club Interviews: $197 value

TOTAL: $3,126

That’s right, you pay only $100 but get all of the above and more! I would say that it’s an excellent investment and would recommend that you sign up right away.

The One Funnel Away Challenge Kit includes the following:

The Challenge Workbook: $97 Value

The One Funnel Away Challenge is one of the most interactive online workshops that I have ever enrolled myself in. It was actually comforting that Russell Brunson and his team thought of everything possible for you to be as involved in this 30-day challenge.

30 Days might be a long while, but it actually flies a lot quicker than you think. The day to day challenges do not take up a full 8 hours like a full-time job. You can do it in your spare time and even enjoy what you’re doing and learning.

MP3 Player: $297 Value

On-the-go? No problem! The One Funnel Away Challenge includes a MP3 Player in its kit so you can listen to recordings of the training any time, anywhere!

What’s inside the player:

  • Audio recordings of all the daily training sessions by coach Russell
  • Live coaching calls by coach Stephen from the first Challenge

30 Days Hardcover Book: $97 Value

This is a compilation of Two Comma Club members who answer a very important question under a certain circumstance: You suddenly lose everything What would you do??

You lose all your cash and all you have is yourself and a ClickFunnels account for one month. It’s like you started from scratch.

The answers of these Two Comma Club members were advice broken down into a detailed 30-day plan on what they would do to not only survive, but thrive and get back at the top of their game. These responses were highly informative and gave some pretty good insight considering the situation was you were starting from scratch.

This shed light on a lot of new business strategies that made me rethink how I approach my business as well. Not all of them may work for you, but sifting through them enough will give you a great idea as to how you make that perfect cup of tea that will just click.

With all of these in your arsenal, you’ll discover the best on creating funnels, copywriting, and lead generation. All these in just 30 days!


Who will lead the training?

Behind every successful student there is an exhausted teacher. This does not only apply in school, but beyond the four walls of the classroom as well. In this 30-day training, you will be graced with three of the most qualified coaches to impart knowledge to you. Each of them will specialize in a different field and will make sure that you will have everything you need before moving on to the following day.

Let’s meet the coaches:

Russel Brunson

Russell, The Strategist, is the co-founder of ClickFunnels. He will lay the foundation you need in order for you to get in the learning zone. He will discuss why you’re doing what you’re doing (signing up for the One Funnel Away Challenge) through training videos.

Julie Stoian

Julie, The Transformer, is an entrepreneur who will help you understand the process of how to transform the ideas in your mind into an actual funnel. Through her training videos, Julie will help you execute business ideas and transform them into concrete strategies that you can implement.

Stephen Larsen

Stephen conducts live group calls and makes sure that you are catching up to the pace along with everyone else in the class. If you have any questions or concerns, you may raise it up with him and discuss them.


How much does the One Funnel Away Challenge cost?

Ever since its launch, the One Funnel Away Challenge costs $100. You have the option to order the One Funnel Away Challenge Kit for an extra $19.95 in shipping fee costs for US residents or $29.95 if you’re not a resident of the United States.

Wait, what if you don’t like what you get? Rest easy! You can send back your challenge fee within 30 days of its arrival with a 100% refund.

What's inside the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The most essential part of the training is not the materials that you receive, but the content of the training itself. Thus, let’s dive into what you can expect if you sign up for the One funnel Away Challenge!

Week 1: Pre-Training

Core focus: In the first week, Russell lets you sink into the right mindset so that all the information you get from the training will stick. Here, we suggest that you read the 30 Days Hardcover Book so that you can get yourself into the right mindset and set the proper expectations for yourself during this time.


  1. You Must Believe
  2. Failure
  3. Who, Not How
  4. 10x Secrets
  5. Belief
  6. Catch Up Day
  7. Mission Review

Week 2: Hook, Story, Offer

Core focus: In the first week of your training, you will cover the three elements that will determine the success rate of a sales funnel. Stephen explains the crucial effect of belief to your business strategy. If you don’t understand what a prospective client believes in, then making an offer will be a lot harder. This week also emphasizes the importance of being seen and heard on different platforms. You may publish something every day in order to be felt in the industry.


  1. Offer Hacking
  2. Greatest Showman
  3. Offer Sequencing
  4. E-Covers And Offer Assets
  5. Create
  6. Catch Up Day
  7. Mission Review

Week 3: Story Selling

The importance of storytelling in selling an item is important for you to emphasize what you want to tell your prospective clients.


  1. Publishing
  2. Epiphany Bridge
  3. Your Origin Story
  4. Hooks, Hooks And More Hooks
  5. Catch Up Day
  6. Catch Up Day
  7. Mission Review

Week 4: Building Your Sales Funnel!

In the fourth week of the One Funnel Away Challenge, you are now going to take all the information that you gathered from the previous weeks and apply it to create your own sales funnel. A shared funnel is provided, which means that you are to clone this to your ClickFunnels account as it goes live.


  1. Core Funnel Strategy
  2. Your Share Funnel
  3. The Squeeze Page
  4. The Sales Page
  5. The OTO Page
  6. Catch up Day
  7. Mission Review

Week 5: Attracting Traffic

After creating your sales funnel, the next step is for you to get traffic. If you have no traffic, then you have no sales and therefore, no cash. Here you will find the many ways for you to increase website traffic and generate leads to get convert those prospects into paying customers!


  1. 3 Types of Traffic
  2. Dream 100
  3. Earn Your Way In
  4. Buy Your Way In
  5. Funnel Audibles
  6. Mission Review
  7. Mission Debrief


If you’re just starting a business, it might be a bit intimidating to run things all by yourself. However, with the ease of access of ClickFunnels and The One Funnel Away Challenge, you’re sure to have absolutely everything you need to sell your products or services online, generate leads and convert them into paying customers, draw traffic to your website, and most importantly, generate profit!

So I highly suggest that you take that leap of faith and sign up for the next class!


Have you tried the One Funnel Away Challenge? What do you think about it? Comment below or share this article with your friends!

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