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Savage Affiliates Review – Complete Review for 2020

Savage Affiliates Review

Name: Savage Affiliates

Description: Savage Affiliates is a popular affiliate marketing course created by Franklin Hatchett. It involves both free and paid ad methods.

Provider: Franklin Hatchett

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Savage Affiliates is a popular affiliate marketing course created by Franklin Hatchett. It involves both free and paid traffic methods.

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Franklin Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates is probably one of the most popular affiliate marketing courses available out there. It walks you through everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

In this review, you’ll learn what’s inside the Savage Affiliates course and how you can be a pro in affiliate marketing with a variety of methods you can learn from the course.

Here are some interesting stats:

Affiliate marketing statistics show that the majority of affiliate marketers (42.17% of them) prefer to promote between 1–10 products. 23.18% of them like to promote 11–20 products, while 14.19% would promote 21–50 products. Only 7.53% of affiliate marketers like to promote over 300 products.

Did you know that affiliate marketing accounts for 15% of all digital media advertising revenue? Some of the biggest brands like Trivago rely on affiliate marketing to boost their brand.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, check out this video to give you some good insight into what it’s all about before diving into the Savage Affiliates marketing course.


Now, let’s do our Savage Affiliates review, so you can get started in affiliate marketing.


Savage Affiliates is an online course by Franklin Hatchett that teaches aspiring affiliates how to be successful through affiliate marketing. The course involves topics such as choosing good products to promote, getting traffic, and getting sales.

savage affiliates review
It has over 150 training videos that involve both free and paid traffic methods. Here’s what you can expect to learn from the Savage Affiliates affiliate marketing course:

  • How to earn with Affiliate marketing
  • How to promote multiple affiliate products effectively
  • Traffic strategies, including Google Ads, Facebook ads, SEO traffic and Youtube videos
  • Finding niches and products
  • Building websites and landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Plus more bonus videos on affiliate marketing!

If you are curious about Franklin Hatchett, you can check out his Youtube channel. He’s best known for his affiliate marketing websites. He is also popular in the drop-shipping industry.

He created other courses such as eCom Elites, and his Shopify theme eCom Turbo., both of which you will find a review on here at AaronsReview.



Savage Affiliates course has A LOT of content, with more than 100 lessons and at least 30 hours of video training.

Savage-Affiliates-TrainingMembers also get bonus videos, extra free gifts and access to a private Facebook group.


Franklin starts by explaining what affiliate marketing is and discusses some of the legalities like using a privacy policy.

For advanced students, the information presented in this module may seem a little basic. Even so, it’s still valuable especially for beginners in affiliate marketing.

Franklin also shows some of his affiliate commissions, including $1,650 a week from Bluehost alone.

The training videos in this module is 60 minutes (1 hour) long.

franklin hatchett


The module has 12 videos that involve various topics on how to find the right niche and products. In this module, Franklin shared how he started just like other affiliate marketers struggling to find the right niche and product, and how you can avoid this mistake.

He gave different ways to research new niches, as well as some of the places to find affiliate offers. There is a video dedicated to various marketplaces where you can promote your affiliate offers such as Clickbank, Amazon, Jvzoo and Health Market. 

You will also learn how to find NEW products that are just launched, giving you an edge in the competition. In the next and advanced modules, you’ll find out how it’s done.

Want to find out the one mistake that Franklin made in his early days in affiliate marketing?

He used too many affiliate platforms instead of picking one and mastering it. He never improved until he found one niche and went with it.

Overall, the videos are explained extremely well. They are short and straight to the point.


Your website is indeed the most important asset in starting your affiliate marketing.

In this module, you’ll learn the right tools you need to start building your own website. Even the WordPress plugins you can use.

If you have been using WordPress for quite some time, you might skip these videos but the videos here are all valuable info. For drop shippers and Shopify users, I’d recommend you don’t skip this module.

More than Clickfunnels, Franklin is using another WordPress plugin called Thrive Leads.

He also mentioned in the video how he used an email marketing platform to create a subscriber list. Plus, you’ll start to learn how to create high-converting forms and landing pages.

You’ll also learn how to use Facebook Chatbots and how you can get awesome open rates from it.


If you’d check out Franklin’s Youtube content, he also teaches how to do Clickbank affiliate marketing.

In this module, Franklin shows the entire process on how we build websites using Clickbank, including the strategies that work best for this platform.

The first few videos discussed how to set up an account and file tax forms. The next videos involve choosing the right products or services.

Here are the topics discussed in this module are the following:

  • Traffic types to use for Clickbank
  • Structuring pages and content, including funnels
  • Finding trending products 
  • Filling out tax forms on affiliate platforms
  • Affiliate offers  and paid ads
  • Starting your SEO process
  • Running a Google Ads campaign

You will also learn how to build websites that keep on earning a passive income without even doing too much work at all.



In this module, Franklin teaches how to do Amazon affiliate marketing.

You’ll learn also two main ways to sell Amazon products, and how to start finding your niche.

He explained the following things:

  • Amazon cookies and how they work
  • A 30 million dollar affiliate site (that’s a lot of work!)
  • Difference between a niche and an authority site
  • At least 10 different niche ideas, including a seasonal niche

Here, you will learn that finding the right product and niche doesn’t have to be difficult at all. There is a video that teaches how to analyze top ranking keywords on SERPs and how to outrank them.

I even used this method where I created niche websites just recently. And added blog posts that target high-ranking keywords.

The most interesting part of this module is the part where Franklin shows how to find affiliate sites that are up for sale.

Want to learn more?


Aarons Review Buyer Intent Keywords

In this module or section, there are over 25 videos discussing SEO and why it’s important in affiliate marketing. Franklin shows how to do SEO from doing onpage SEO to structuring the website properly. 

You will also learn how to do quick SEO including getting quality backlinks, finding the right keywords, etc. This is important if you want to drive traffic, build trust, and boost ranking on search engines page results (SERPs).

Some of the things you will learn in this module include:

  • On-page SEO such as images and text
  • Keywords research
  • Checking website speed and getting indexed in Google
  • How to boost and rank site

If you are really interested in how to do high-level SEO and get free Google traffic, you should definitely check out this module.

The best part of this module is where Franklin shared how to build free blogs. You can actually build a free blog on Tumblr or Blogger and write an article about your niche.

Once you have your site or blog, you can make use of PBN links, Quora questions and blog comments to boost your blog’s domain authority and ranking. There is also a specific video for setting up Google Webmaster, tracking keywords and analytics.

Of course, you need a couple of content on your site for your audience. This is essential to boost social presence and get quality links. 


This module is dedicated to discussing free organic traffic and how it works.

Here, you will learn how to:

  • Promote affiliate offers without getting suspended
  • Build a simple Google Ads campaign
  • Track sales
  • Write effective ad copy
  • Boost ad campaigns

In this module, Franklin shows how to run several types of ad campaigns on Facebook, how to track them and get successful results. It involves setting up a Facebook pixel, configuring funnels, creating ebook covers and some ad examples.

Plus he also shared how you can use Youtube videos to get good targeting and get results.


Aarons Review Free Traffic

Free traffic doesn’t guarantee better conversions or great results in comparison to paid traffic. But it works when done right. 

There are a plethora of ways on how you can take advantage of free traffic. And in this Savage Affiliates course, Franklin also shares his list of free traffic sources and how they work.

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Use blog comments for SEO
  • Use forums
  • Get traffic from massively successful Youtube videos
  • Create Youtube thumbnails that stand out
  • Find the best Youtube keywords
  • Plus, some tricks on how to use Youtube titles to get more clicks!

You will also get tons of info on how to collect email leads through forum traffic, lead capture forms, and Youtube traffic. Youtube training is very informative and valuable for getting tons of traffic to your site. It involves training videos on how to setup thumbnails, find the right keywords and set up retargeting.

He even shared a special technique, which I’m going to share here anyway. It’s a method called launch jacking where you can promote the products that are not yet released.

The basic idea is that a new product name is much easier to rank since it has little or no competition yet, but the searches for it will start to run once it’s launched. 

In the Super version of Savage Affiliates, you’ll figure out how to use this method. 

Interested to learn more about launch jacking?


Free traffic doesn’t guarantee better conversions or great results in comparison to paid traffic. But it works when done right. 

There are a plethora of ways on how you can take advantage of free traffic. And in this Savage Affiliates course, Franklin also shares his list of free traffic sources and how they work.

The basic idea is that a new product name is much easier to rank since it has little or no competition yet, but the searches for it will start to run once it’s launched. 


In this module, you’ll learn a couple of ways to make money using both or any of the two methods.

What is launch jacking?

Launch jacking is a method where you can promote an upcoming product and capture traffic in advance. All you have to do is to complete a review of an upcoming product in your blog or website and get it ranked high on SERPs. 

You will have to include an affiliate link on the review and once it has gained enough traffic, you will cash in with affiliate commissions.

Since it hasn’t been launched yet, most likely there is not much competition yet.

How to make money with web hosting?

Another way to make commissions is by promoting web hosting products like Bluehost.

Here’s the opportunity:

New websites are created every second and people need hosting.

In the Savage Affiliates training, you will also learn how to make money via web hosting.

Aarons Review Funnels


Finding the right product or niche is pointless if you don’t understand your target audience and you have no sales funnels.

In the bonus section, you will get additional training including more videos and free gifts.

If you need more training on how to set up a blog and get better conversions, you can find videos on training that teaches you how it’s done. 

There is also an Instagram training included in the course. You can download the guide and the cheat sheet. Even advanced methods in email marketing are also included in the affiliate marketing course.

Want to learn more?

Savage Affiliates Tools and Training

In addition to the core training programs of Savage Affiliates, you also get:

  • Weekly videos with live Q&A
  • Private Inner Circles

Savage Affiliates Support

The customer email support for Savage Affiliates is [email protected]

In addition, you can also get support from the live Q&A’s and inner circles.

Savage Affiliates Private Facebook Group

Access is free for all members. Here, you will be able to check out some of the ongoing updates and latest strategies that Franklin uses.

You can also share your questions and interact with all members of the group. However, this offer is limited. Once the offer closes, you will have to pay 37 USD monthly to continue your access to the private Savage Affiliates Facebook group.


To get started with Savage Affiliates, you only need to visit the Savage Affiliates site, choose between Standard and Super plans, and checkout. After payment, you’ll have immediate access.

Savage Affiliates Price and Discount Info

Savage Affiliates has two packages: Standard and Super. Standard costs $197 and Super costs $297. Both are one-time payments. No recurring fees.

There are also a number of reports that say if you get the Standard, you can then upgrade it to Super for $100 later.

Looking for a Savage Affiliates discount?

Unfortunately, there is no discount available for Savage Affiliates.

At the moment, I haven’t found a legitimate coupon or special offer for Savage Affiliates yet. The price has remained the same for some time now.

What about Savage Affiliates refunds?

Not all training programs offer a money-back guarantee. In case you are not 100 % satisfied and you need to request a refund, you can ask for a full refund. However, Franklin hardly gets it because the training is really good. Plus, the value that you get at a cheap price is worth it. 

You only have 30 days to try it out so you can take advantage of that opportunity. You can find the guarantee upon checkout.


More than the value and tons of information that you will learn from the Savage Affiliates course, Franklin offered it at a cheap price starting $197. You can’t find anything as cheap as this. Plus, he has support training and a huge audience base to help you.

From finding the right product and niche to promoting them, Savage Affiliates is definitely an essential tool every affiliate marketer must have to get started.

Low Price

This seems to be the main reason why the Savage Affiliates course is so popular. Compared to other affiliate marketing courses, Savage Affiliates is fairly inexpensive, starting at $197. The price really can’t be beaten.

Most other affiliate marketing courses I’ve reviewed costs around $500 or more, and it’s not uncommon to see such courses even priced at $1000.

Aarons Review Affiliates Introduction

Covers all aspects of affiliate marketing

Savage Affiliates is a comprehensive training course, with over 100 lessons on all aspects of affiliate marketing. From finding the right product to building funnels and website, you can get a sense on the topics that the Savage Affiliates course covers:

  • Affiliate Marketing Introduction
  • Affiliate Products to Promote
  • Building Your Website Asset
  • Email Marketing and Funnels
  • ClickBank Affiliate Marketing
  • ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • SEO Google Traffic Training
  • Free Traffic Training
  • Paid Traffic Training
  • Launch Jacking and Web Hosting
  • Bonus Videos and Extra Free Gifts

If you notice, other affiliate marketing courses usually only teach one particular affiliate marketing method.


What’s the difference between Standard and Super version of Savage Affiliates?

The Super version includes the following topics which can’t be found in the Standard version of the affiliate marketing course:

  • Step by Step Clickfunnels Academy
  • Franklin’s Secret “Done-for-you” Affiliate Marketing Funnel
  • Several pre-made funnels 
  • Launch jacking module
  • Web hosting affiliate method blueprint

The Standard version is offered at $197 then you can upgrade it anytime to Super version if you want to access advanced methods in affiliate marketing.

How long will it take to start earning income or commissions?

Results do actually vary. However, if you follow the guide and training, you will succeed in time. This is not a one-night success because you are building a real business here. 

How to do payment for Savage Affiliates?

You have the option to pay using either a credit card or Paypal. If you are having trouble, you can contact the Savage Affiliates support through email.

Is Savage Affiliates a scam or legit?

Savage Affiliates is a legit affiliate marketing course. Even the 30 days money-back guarantee proves it is not a scam.

Are there any discount offers or coupons for Savage Affiliates?

Currently, there is no discount or coupon for the Savage Affiliate training course. The price, like most of Franklin’s training, is fixed starting at $197. If you find any sites offering Savage Affiliates coupon, discount codes and deals, they are fake and scam.

Is Savage Affiliates the best affiliate marketing course?

Content-wise, you will not regret putting your investment here. Plus the price is hard to beat. No other affiliate marketing course has offered such a low price. 


Savage Affiliates is one of the best affiliate marketing available. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an advanced affiliate marketer, you can find tons of valuable info in the course that you need to succeed.

This course is a hardcore affiliate marketing training. You get around 200 videos of extensive and comprehensive training without any filler or BS. There’s also a lot of different strategies available to help you grow your business.

You will learn how to do niche research, keyword research, link building and more. Building an authority site allows you to collect passive income while you’re just sitting on your laptop or pc. The training is from a proven successful marketer that actually does this stuff with proof and also has many successful students.

It’s a complete course perfect for newbies or those that have tried affiliate marketing and failed in the past.

I am a member too and Franklin’s training has greatly improved my game. Imagine what it could do for you. I learned a lot from Franklin’s Savage Affiliates course which has helped me make commissions from my affiliate sites. For only $197 or $297, i’s a small investment you can make for yourself.

Have you ever signed up for Franklin Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates course? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below! Thank you for your support.

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