Savage Affiliates Review: Is Franklin Hatchett’s Course Worth $197?

Many gurus say they know a lot regarding improving one’s online presence and earnings. While many of them are only out to get your money, a few are trustworthy. And Franklin Hatchett is one of the few.A lot of reviewers have written and recommended him on many levels. No wonder they see him as a real expert. Many of his videos are less expensive than his competition and even more importantly; they are very helpful.

To do well in the dropshipping business, this is someone you can turn to. Frank’s tips have helped a lot of e-commerce enthusiasts succeed in their business. His e-Com Elites training courses are extremely valuable in the industry. You can see my review of his ecom elites course hereAway from dropshipping is affiliate marketing, another specialty of Frank’s. He released his training courses to help people learn how to become an affiliate marketer and of course, make more cash. In this review, we are going to at Savage Affiliate and what it can do for you. Savage Affiliate is a course that covers everything from what you need to get started, stay relevant and create an income generating machine.

Who is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin is one of the most trending YouTubers and Bloggers in the marketing industry. He is an expert in online marketing which has earned him a prominent position. With his line of products, among them Savage Affiliates, Frank has been a real help for those starting for the first time.

One of his most trending tutorials is the dropshipping tips an YouTube videos. The “Franklin Hatchett’s Methods,” share his unique and beneficial ways of handling online ads. He is a highly-skilled and experienced online marketer who loves sharing his in-depth knowledge.

He has made his place in the hearts of many online marketers not just because of his products, but his character as well. He is quite impressive on many levels.

Savage Affiliates

Affiliate marketing may seem like a natural thing if you are not very familiar with it. You may have seen many people do it and thought perhaps it is worth trying.

Well, it is not very easy unless you know exactly what you are doing. It is crucial that one acquires as much knowledge as possible if they are to win and earn anything. And that is what Savage Affiliate is all about.

This 9 module video training course will show you the right steps to take to succeed in the affiliate marketing. The modules are arranged according to the level of expertise, from a beginner’s guide to real earnings. Here is a list of the modules.

  • Module 1: Affiliate Introduction
  • Module 2: Niches and Products
  • Module 3: Building your assets
  • Module 4: Clickbank Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 5: Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 6: SEO Traffic
  • Module 7: Paid Traffic Training
  • Module 8: Free Traffic Training
  • Module 9: Email Marketing Training

Whether you are a complete beginner or started a while ago, these courses are the tool you need on your list. Affiliate marketing has a lot of moving parts and so many staff you will need to understand yourself to make it work. This course is everything you will need to get started while avoiding all the hassle that comes with affiliate programs. The course is apparent that you will not be achieving results very quickly. But if you are very keen and use your creative instincts very well, then it can elevate you from a beginner to an expert in due course. All you need is a little patience.

It seems the Savage Marketing course is not widely marketed. Perhaps that’s why you may have only seen his videos on YouTube. If you have even bought one of the videos, then you will be in a better position to understand this review.The courses are packed with in-depth content from the A to Z of affiliate marketing. It is a comprehensive course that does not leave anything out, even the most trending updates.

There are over 100 videos! And more may be on the way coming. The information in here is overwhelming. You will need to take a deep breath and focus on getting the most out of them. But that is not a bad thing. You will have all the time in the world to review the videos as many times as you like once you purchase the content. It is hosted on Vimeo, and one can get it quickly at only $197. That is one other amazing thing about Frank’s courses. The low prices for these courses are incomparable. Some courses go for a high as $2000, but the content is poor.

The details in the modules are the reason anyone would say Franklin is the best at what he does. Here is a breakdown.

Module 1: Affiliate Introduction

You want to get into affiliate marketing right? Do you understand what the program is all about? Do you know the tools you will need to be successful?

In this introduction part, Franklin starts by explaining what affiliate marketing is. He also goes into the details of the benefits you stand to gain and why he is a fun of the same.

And to convince you that you are taking the right steps, he goes ahead to show what he has been getting. He does not focus on teaching only, Hatchett believes in explaining the results to you. All the passive income he makes in his sleep are in the videos. And the truth is, there is no better way if making money online that what you get here.

After showing you everything, you also get an introduction to free traffic and paid traffic. The tutorial discusses in detail the pros and contra these important aspects of marketing. They are fully covered later on in the SEO section.

Most affiliate marketers do not bother to consider legal stuff in the industry. There is a video on the same. The fact that he covers everything will help you start on the most knowledgeable note.

Module 2: Niches and Products

Starting with an introduction video on what is covered, this section covers everything you need to know about the affiliate offers, niches, the right products, platforms to use and a lot more. There are 12 videos on this section focusing on the most critical information.

You will learn about various marketplaces. Some of the most loved include Clickbank, JVzoo and Health Market among others. There are different options for marketplaces given in detail here.

The best part of the videos is that they are straight forward. You may get a short video but one that is parked with all the information you will need to succeed.

Module 3: Building Your Assets

It is important to understand how to get around you WebPages, landing pages, blogs, and such aspects. These are your assets Franklin expounds on them in this module. They are just like the assets in a traditional business that will help you grow.

It begins with a part for ultra newbies who don’t even have a domain name. He tells how to build a website, install plugins, and create web pages and all that stuff.

Lastly, the videos discuss the power in social accounts. This is something all websites are concerned about today. And perhaps that is why you should be too.

Module 4:  Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank offers a massive market to find products one can promote. It is free to sign up, and anyone can get in. But that should not get you excited.

Learn about tax things, how to choose the right product, how to use paid traffic and many more related items. You should have a notebook and a pen here.

There are more real-life examples of the processes involved in different products from Clickbank. You don’t need to promote these products because everyone else probably does it already. You should be able to take action once you have learned everything.

Module 5: Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Who in the e-commerce industry does not know about Amazon? In this section, you will learn the best tricks for making money from the largest e-commerce platform.

This section offers great examples of websites that use Amazon to make money. If that does not convince you, there are affiliate sites that were sold for $30 million included here.

Learn how to set up the Amazon affiliate site with the right layout, article structure and many more. You can create either niche site, hybrid or authority site.

Module 6: SEO Traffic

Every website looks to get the most traffic flowing to their websites. But you will need proper SEO to enjoy more traffic.

In this module, 29 videos are dedicated to SEO. One can easily learn about ON-site and OFF-site aspects which are critical for growing a website. There is also a discussion on link building that goes into web 2.0’s Quora and other hidden links. You will be surprised at how much content Frank shares at such low fee.

Module 7: Paid Traffic Training

For those who like instant gratification, you should try out paid traffic. This is the module for those who don’t have the patience for SEO.

Most of the modules put a special focus on Facebook ads. Fortunately, Frank is a Facebook expert as you may see in his e-com Elites videos.

Everything you need to know about paid traffic is found here. And by everything, it includes solo ads and Google ads.

This section touches on keyword targeting, tracking, and audience selection. There is no better way to get around paid traffic than what is covered in this section.

Module 8: Free Training Traffic

The introduction of the videos starts with Free Traffic Baby. This is a way to get your site seen by many people, and it is different from SEO.

If you are concerned about how to get traffic from forums and YouTube, it is all discussed here among other useful methods. Everyone likes free traffic, and this section teaches you how to get it.

The best part is you will get targeted traffic. This means a lot of people are already interested in your products. The probability of making great sales from the traffic is very high.

If you are a beginner, this is the section you should consider first. Traffic is one of the most important things for any website. If you can get the tips from these videos, include them in your SEO strategy and you will enjoy your online time.

Module 9: Email Marketing

If you thought emails don’t work anymore, this section would teach you otherwise. A big problem in affiliate marketing is when the owner of the products owns the customer you introduced and starts marketing to them directly.

But you can own the customer if you capture in the leads in the right time. They would also love to receive tips for other offers.

Franklin discusses email marketing with a focus on two autoresponders he uses. The aim here is to get higher open rates. Don’t miss out on this.

BONUS: Funnel training

This is a new module in which Frank teaches about funnels and how one can make money from them. Hatchett has discussed them in many of his other products.

Private group

The Savage Affiliates private Facebook group is free to access for members where you can see all of Frank’s latest strategies. It is a good place to find direction for those who feel a bit lost.

Verdict – 4.6 / 5

Are the Savage Affiliates worth your investment? From this unbiased review, you should already be ahead of us in agreeing – it is. If you make money online through affiliate programs, then you have got yourself the right tools in this course.

When it comes to training, Franklin Hatchett has got the best tips in online marketing that it is easy for anyone to recommend his courses.

The videos are direct, they are from an experienced individual, they go beyond teaching. The Savage Affiliates covers the A to Z of making money online through Affiliate Marketing!

Savage Affiliates Review
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This is a quality course at a very affordable price, offering a ton of content and videos it’s definitely one of the best drop shipping courses on the market right now.

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