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Social Sale Rep is a live chat training program and jobs database. Although not a scam, it is misleading because they do not guarantee employment or hire people directly.

Rather, they sign up remote workers and provide them with training on how to promote products on social media. The workers can then browse the marketplace and download a rebranded promotional eBook to earn commissions on sales.

Key Features

Training ModulesSocialSaleRep offers several training modules designed to equip users with the skills needed for different types of online jobs. Some of the training modules include “Getting Started as a Live Chat Agent”, “Finding Live Chat Jobs”, “Applying for Live Chat Jobs”, “Chat Team Leader Training”, “High-Income Chat Jobs”, and “How to Use The Chat Jobs Database”​​.
Job DatabaseSocialSaleRep maintains a database of job opportunities curated from various job sites and freelance platforms. It provides a filter to search between beginner, intermediate, and advanced jobs​.
Subscription ModelAccess to the platform and its features is granted through a subscription model. Users can try SocialSaleRep for three days with a $1 trial, after which they are automatically charged $47 per month​.
Job CategoriesThe platform lists several types of online jobs, including live chat jobs, social media jobs, app tester jobs, blog writing jobs from home, and jobs for reviewing websites and apps​.

Comparing It To Alternatives

Target CustomersNot specifiedMarketers in small, medium and large-sized organizations in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, education, non-profits and finance​​
Key FeaturesSocial Media Management, Sales Enablement, Reporting and Analytics​​Email Marketing with A/B testing, Landing pages with adaptive forms, Site visitor tracking, Publishing content to social networks, Webinar program management, Reporting tools, Sales enablement, Multiple scoring rule sheets (more in Enterprise plan)​​
BenefitsTime-saving, Increased Sales, Improved Social Media Performance​​Not specified
DrawbacksComplexity, Cost, Limited Integrations, Lack of Customization​​Software sometimes runs slowly, Reporting tools could be more intuitive, Social media functionality could be more robust, Limited CRM integration​​
Onboarding and TrainingNot specifiedDedicated onboarding manager for each client, Act-On University courses, New User Boot Camp, Certification programs, Masters workshop in marketing automation, On-site instructor-led courses​​
Customer SupportNot specifiedKnowledge base, Community forums, In-app contextual help, Tech support by phone or live chat, Support ticket via web, Optional Gold and Platinum support packages​​
PricingNot specified, but is not free and can be expensive for some businesses​​Professional plan starts at $900 a month (billed annually), Enterprise plan pricing not publicly available​​
CRM IntegrationLimited number of CRMs​​Integration with CRM systems only available in the Enterprise plan, may not integrate fully with all CRMs​​

Social Sale Rep is an online program that offers opportunities for remote workers to earn money through affiliate marketing. It also provides training on how to secure job placements quickly. The program is available in several languages and allows users to search for jobs on various recruitment websites. They can then promote these jobs on their social media accounts, earning commissions when someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase.

The program is sold through ClickBank, a reputable online payment platform. This means that you can be assured of a safe transaction, as the platform verifies each user’s identity before accepting payments. In addition to the course, the site also offers other resources that can help you make money online, such as a curated database of remote jobs and a set of general online courses. The site also features a course on how to become a live chat agent.

Unlike other sites, Social sale rep does not promise to guarantee a high-paying job in exchange for your payment. In fact, many users have argued that the website is a scam because it suggests you will be able to earn $25-$30 per hour working from home. However, if you are willing to put in the work, this website is a good choice for those looking to make a steady income online.

While this website does offer legitimate training and access to a database of remote jobs, it may not be suitable for everyone. For example, it is not suitable for people who need to be able to multitask and have previous experience with customer service. In addition, the training offered by Social Sale Rep is not very in-depth and may not give you an advantage over other candidates.

While social sale rep is a great option for those who want to work from home, there are many other alternatives that can be more effective. For instance, Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars are both reliable sites that can provide you with a steady stream of income. In addition, both of these sites offer money-back guarantees if you are not satisfied with their services.


Getting work-from-home jobs is one of the most popular options for people seeking to improve their financial situation. However, there are many different ways to do this. Some of these methods are more legitimate than others. Fortunately, there are several ways to determine whether or not a program is worth your time.

Social Sale Rep is a training program that promises to get you into a good freelance job as a chat agent. This platform is based on a performance-based model, so the more you work, the more you earn. It also provides you with innovative software that can help you boost your sales and marketing efforts.

In addition, Social Sale Rep provides you with access to a database of live chat agents that you can use to find jobs. This is a huge benefit if you are looking for a flexible schedule, as the service can save you a lot of time by eliminating the need to search multiple websites. However, the program may not be worth your money if you are already working a full-time job or have other commitments, such as raising children.

The program costs $47, but it is available for a $1 trial. This trial includes the full modules of the program, and you can cancel it anytime. Once you cancel your subscription, you will no longer have access to the database of available live chat jobs.

Although the training offered by Social Sale Rep is well-organized and easy to understand for beginners, it does not cover everything you need to know about becoming a virtual assistant. This includes how to set up your computer, monitor productivity and stay motivated while working at home. The course also covers how to deal with the stress of working alone and how to build a professional online presence.

The price of this program is reasonable and compared to some of the more expensive alternatives, it is still a great value. Unlike some of its competitors, Social Sale Rep does not charge a monthly fee for their services and offers an impressive 90-day refund policy. Moreover, the program is listed on ClickBank, which makes it safe to make purchases and ensures that your personal information and credit card details are protected.


There are numerous platforms that will help you make money online, whether it be by completing surveys, translating, writing articles, or working as a freelancer to sell your service. However, most of these platforms are not legitimate and will only waste your time. Social sale rep is one such platform, and it claims to be a great way to make money. But is it really worth it?

This platform is a freelance community that connects individuals with businesses and companies that require sales representatives for their products. Its members can work from home and earn a significant income, and it operates on a performance-based compensation scheme. It also provides comprehensive training that suits all levels of experience.

The program includes a database that enables users to search for remote job opportunities for chat assistants, and it teaches them how to filter the jobs according to their requirements. In addition, it teaches them how to apply for these jobs and how to create an application letter that will stand out from other applicants. This will allow them to get more job placements.

Social sale rep also offers a number of free eBooks that can help users earn extra income from their work. These eBooks contain affiliate links, which can generate revenue for the company. The company makes use of these earnings to support its operations and expand its product line.

However, the company has been accused of making false claims about its product and services. Some people have reported that the company is a scam, while others have found it to be helpful.

In addition, many of the company’s sales representatives are untrained and inexperienced. This can lead to a high turnover rate, which is bad for business. The company should consider hiring more experienced and trained sales representatives.

Another drawback of social sale rep is its high price tag. Although the company’s course isn’t as expensive as other online courses, it can be prohibitive for some. In addition, the program has multiple upsells that can increase its cost. Some of these upsells include PaidOnlineWritingJobs and WriteAppReviews, which are offered for $57 each.


Social sale rep is a paid service that helps job seekers find remote jobs online. It provides a curated database of job listings from sites like Indeed, Upwork, and Guru in one place, making it easy for users to find jobs that fit their skill level. It also offers advice on how to choose the right work from home jobs.

While it may be a good idea to use this tool for finding work, it is important to remember that the success of any job depends on your skills and the amount of time you put into it. If you’re looking for a quick way to make money, you might be better off choosing another product.

In addition to providing a wide range of online jobs, Social Sale Rep also offers training for freelancers who want to become live chat assistants. This text-based program teaches you everything you need to know about getting started in this field, including the basics of customer service and how to create a compelling application letter that will attract clients.

However, the downside of this program is that it can be expensive, especially if you’re a newcomer to affiliate marketing. It also has a few upsells, such as a paid writing course or a website builder. These add-ons aren’t required, but they can increase your income if you take advantage of them.

However, despite the drawbacks of social sale rep, it is still a reliable option for those who are serious about finding legitimate work from home jobs. It provides a valuable service for its customers and is backed by a proven track record of success. In addition, it offers a flexible schedule and an excellent work environment. It can help you avoid the stress of commuting and work long hours, and it can provide the extra income you need to pay your bills. In addition, you can enjoy the freedom of working from home without having to worry about your children or pets. Then, you can spend your free time with them while earning money from a legitimate source.

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