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Product Name: SynThesis

Product Description: I used Jonathan Leger's, "SynThesis" content creation tool on a brand new blog and before I built a single backlink the site had 60+ rankings! This is my SynThesis Review where I go into detail my experience using this new content creation tool.



In this review of Synthesis, Jonathan Leger’s (Prosperative) new push-button content tool, I reveal the results of my case study using it. I also provided my honest opinion of the tool as a whole, and the one negative aspect of using it that I’ve found.?

I recently conducted a simple content marketing case study using AI content. The content was provided by a new tool called, SynThesis which Jon Leger created, so this doubles as a Synthesis review. The content tool uses AI to produce push-button content that is always 100% unique and passes Copyscape.

The site is in the gaming niche, answering questions about one particular game. I wanted to see if the content from SynThesis was Google friendly and could rank on a brand new domain. It was ranking for 60+ keywords before I built a single link to the site!

In my 17 years of doing Internet Marketing, I’ve never seen a site have so many rankings without a single backlink. The one backlink showing in the ahrefs screenshot below is a nofollow link from a scraper site that just appeared today. (Nofollow links do not provide any ranking benefit in Google.)

ranked in google without links using synthesis content

Here’s what I did…

First, I did some keyword research. I used KeywordTitan) to find keywords that have as high of an estimated search volume as possible with low to medium competition.

seo content

While choosing my keywords I also considered each individual keyword using common sense. Some keywords would be tough to justify article content. For instance, “play games online” is not a good keyword for a blog, unless you’re going to embed games on your site.

In my case, there were many great question keywords. These are great because they are laser-focused, and easy to write on, Question keywords also provide a greater opportunity in getting Google Featured Snippets.

Synthesis Review: Generating the Content

Next, I opened up SynThesis, typed in each of the keywords I chose, selected 750 words for each, and generated an article for each.

my review of synthesis

I clicked the “Copyscape” button to ensure the content was unique and in every case it was 100% unique. I copied and pasted the blog into my WordPress editor and published it. Later I learned that I could have clicked, “Post” from within SynThesis and it would have done that for me.

That’s all I did. I started working on other projects and was preparing the link building campaign when I noticed the site started ranking for keyword after keyword.

What is AI Content?

AI stands for, “Artificial Intelligence” and it is literally changing the world. It is used by major corporations in all kinds of areas, like marketing, and yes, content creation!

Basically, smart algorithms monitor user data… trends, etc. and produce data in response to the data trends it analyzes. SynThesis uses this technology to produce quality content at the push of a button!

Is there a Downside to using SynThesis for Content Creation?

The only downside is that in some niches the content is not perfectly accurate. It is, however, already very natural and non-spammy sounding. AI has its limitations. But, with my case study blog, as each article gets to the top 10 of Google, I’m going to modify them. So Synthesis allows me to get a huge jump start and saves me tons of money!

I won’t have to invest any money or time in any content that does not first make it to the top 10 of Google. Pretty sweet I think!

Synthesis Review Conclusion

SynThesis is by far the most amazing content generator I have ever seen in my 17 year Internet Marketing career! Never before have I seen a brand new site get 60+ rankings in Google with literally no backlinks!

Granted, the rankings are not top 10 yet, but with just a handful of backlinks I expect these rankings will easily shoot up to the first page. Google obviously loves the content and it is literally push-button!

I highly recommend you click the button below and get your copy of SynThesis today. You can generate tons of content in just about any niche and get ranked in Google quickly and easily.

The following button brings you to a Synthesis discount offer page:


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