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Product Name: Thumbnail Blaster

Product Description: I've been using Thumbnail Blaster for over a year now and believe it is the best youtube thumbnail creator out there. The primary reason my thumbnail blaster review is 5/5 stars, is because of the extensive selection of high-quality thumbnail templates.

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Thumbnail Blaster is a very affordable video thumbnail creator that is packed full of high-quality, high-conversion video thumbnail templates that can be easily modified for just about any video.

I’ve been using Thumbnail Blaster for over a year now and I really like it.

Attention-grabbing video thumbnails are a great way to raise click-through rates and help your videos stand out from others. A good thumbnail maker can advertise your video and convince visitors to watch it. In this Thumbnail Blaster review, I’ll explain how I use it every day, and why I think it’s the most powerful YouTube thumbnail maker.

Internet searches give a long list of thumbnail generators, but which one is the best?

I tried several other video thumbnail makers before finding Thumbnail Blaster, but none of them make it so easy. In this video thumbnail maker review, I’ll cover its features in detail so you can learn how it works, and decide for yourself.

Why I use a YouTube thumbnail maker

There are several reasons for creating custom thumbnails for your videos: First, you want to instantly convey the subject of each video’s content.

That way, viewers can quickly find what they’re searching for in your video. Once they click through to watch your content instead of someone else’s, the viewer is yours.

Unless visitors are enticed by your video thumbnail …

… they won’t click on your video!

Although you can create individual thumbnails one by one, custom design takes time and experience. With the right software, thumbnails are easy to make and they can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

If your videos are in a competitive niche, you’ll want to use a video thumbnail maker like Thumbnail Blaster. For me, it’s the quickest way to churn out winning thumbnails that drive viewers to watch my videos.

Already heard enough good feedback about Thumbnail Blaster from other sources?

When you’re ready to try it yourself, just click the button!Thumbnail Blaster Review

Let’s take a look at the Thumbnail Blaster features, starting with the basic stats. I’ll also list the three caveman-simple steps toward creating high-conversion thumbnails, which is why I rely on this platform instead of others.

  • Product name: Thumbnail Blaster
  • Creator: Stoica
  • First launched: 2019
  • Price: $36 with Discount Coupon Code: blaster37
  • Niche: Video thumbnail-making software
  • Bonuses (2021): Video Ranking Machine, Live Training Webinar
  • Opinion: Highly recommended
  • Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee

What’s so different about this video thumbnail maker?

When using thumbnail makers, I’ve learned that quick optimization across devices is one of the most important factors for click-through success. In my experience, Thumbnail Blaster gives me the most click-throughs, so that’s why I recommend it.

Quick & simple

Thumbnail Blaster is a next-generation AI-fueled app that helps you create winning thumbnails for any kind of video in 3 steps, or less if you automate the process. It lets you create professional results without having any graphic design experience or fancy tools, so it’s easier to use than other thumbnail generators.

It’s the quickest and easiest to use, and it automatically optimizes for all devices. I’ve timed myself making custom thumbnails using the platform’s “From Scratch” template feature, and it only takes me a minute to whip up a compelling template with a customized layout for any niche.

Drag & drop

The app lets you resize elements, write texts, and customize layouts, themes, fonts, and colors just by pushing a button. In this Thumbnail Blaster review, I recommend the platform as being the easiest to use, because all operations can be completed using drag-and-drop features. I’ve found this method to be much faster and than command-driven platforms.

Template library

The platform has a template library with 30+ layouts that cover a wide range of niches. I usually find the perfect layout for any kind of video, whether it’s for e-commerce, educational, or entertainment videos. It’s more than enough to find any type of layout

Ready-to-use images & design elements

For me, one of the biggest benefits of Thumbnail Blaster is its library of images and design elements. It’s easy to find eye-catching elements to plug into your video thumbnails, which is the best way to convince visitors to click through.

Automatic creation & one-click publishing to YouTube

If you enable the automatic publishing feature, the platform lets you publish to YouTube with a single click.

How Thumbnail Blaster works

This app makes the process of creating your video thumbnails “caveman-simple.” There are only three steps basic steps, and you can automate the entire process down to a single click if you wish.

Here’s what the dashboard looks like:

Thumbnail Blaster is a powerful tool, especially if you’re running a business based on YouTube, Vimeo, or other social media platforms. You can even automate thumbnail creation across multiple accounts.

Since you’re reading this Thumbnail Blaster review, it’s probably because you need a good YouTube thumbnail generator. So, let’s assume that by the time you read this Thumbnail Blaster review, you’ve already created one or more YouTube accounts.

If so, then just click on the Add Account button. Thumbnail Blaster has several modules, and I’ll walk you through them.

Making good video thumbnails only takes a few clicks

Step #1

Choose a video from the account like this:

Step #2

Select your background template according to keywords, or else create an original template of your own. If you decide to make a new template, it will become the default layout for your current video.

You can customize the layout using a huge library of elements

After first trying a few other YouTube thumbnail generators, I was glad that I found Thumbnail Blaster. One of the reasons why I recommend this platform is because of its AI-powered keyword search functions. This helps you find a template with the perfect layout for your video niche, whatever it may be.

Step #3

After choosing a template that seems like a good fit for your video niche, you can customize it with whatever text and graphic elements you want.

There are many different customization options that let you use text, images, graphic elements, shapes, layers, and backgrounds.

Check out all of the video templates provided (some are available only with Premium, which I recommend you get):

The last step is just to click a button to publish the thumbnail to your video.

Save the video thumbnail as an image if you want

Instead of publishing the thumbnail directly to a video, you can also download it onto a device in JPG, PNG, or other formats. Another great feature that I really like about the platform is the ability to save these images with a watermark.

Thumbnail Blaster Modules

In this Thumbnail Blaster review, I recommend it over other types of YouTube thumbnail generators, and here I’ve listed some of the features behind my positive recommendation.

AI Analyze Image Module

This lets you analyze images for thumbnails. You can upload the files from a computer, or use links to images or YouTube videos.

Split testing & A/B testing

If you’re obsessed with affiliate marketing optimization like I am, then you’ll love the platform’s A/B split-testing capability. Split testing allows you to create 2 entirely different thumbnails for each video, and see which one brings more click-throughs.

This AI-driven platform performs split testing as quickly as it does A/B testing. A/B testing lets you “fine-tune” each thumbnail. You’ll quickly learn which kinds of layouts and texts bring the best marketing results.

Testing is performed automatically. The platform changes the thumbnails on display, and it records hourly statistics showing visitors’ preferences. Then it helps you assess and pick the best thumbnail for each video.

Just choose the YouTube account where you want to do A/B testing, then click the button to Change Thumbnails. Select the thumbnails that you want to test, and download them from a computer or other source.

Why are video thumbnail makers so important?

If you’re sitting there wondering “Why not just sit back and let YouTube make thumbnails for me” I can tell you I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.

Use a good video thumbnail generator because you’ll save time and earn more money.

When it comes to figuring out which image to show for a given video thumbnail, it’s important to make the right choice without spending too much time. YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms rely on sophisticated algorithms that usually work well.

But “usually” isn’t enough to help me to compete in the marketplace. I need higher click-through rates. YouTube’s algorithm makes thumbnails that don’t show visitors exactly the right elements to catch their interest and drive them to click through to my videos.

Click-worthy thumbnails

To ensure successful video marketing results I need to control the image, layout, and text for each of my videos. Since I’m a business owner who eats (or not) based on what I sell online, I’d rather leverage tools like Thumbnail Blaster instead of relying on YouTube’s weakling in-house capability.

The Thumbnail Blaster platform helps me show visitors exactly what I want them to see. That’s the main reason why I highly recommend it in this Thumbnail Blaster review.

Here’s what sets Thumbnail Blaster apart from the crowd of YouTube thumbnail makers

Whether you’re an e-commerce guru or a social media influencer, thumbnails are the all-important introduction to your videos. The right thumbnail can convince a visitor to click through and watch your video.

How to make “thumbnail clickbait” for your videos

Apart from creating video content that people like to see, you first need to make a thumbnail that persuades people to watch it. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere in this Thumbnail Blaster review, it’s my favorite tool because it instantly creates winning results.

  • In order to drive visitors to click on my video, each thumbnail must
  • Instantly convey the topic of the video
  • Drive visitors to click through and watch the video
  • Differentiate my brand, i.e. help me to stand out from competitors
  • Fit into my overall marketing campaign
  • Be optimized to display correctly on mobiles and other devices

Rules for winning the thumbnail game

Here’s how I make high-conversion thumbnails:

– Design each thumbnail as a tiny “movie poster” that advertises the video
– Show a close-up image highlighting the video’s main subject
– Show an expressive face

If the subject of the video is a person, I try to choose an image showing their face with an expression of strong emotion. Looks of surprise, shock, fear, and extreme happiness all boost click-throughs.

For example, here’s “Logan Paul Finds a Dead Body…” with 8.8 million views, even though his “discovery” is obviously a spoof.

Controversy gets attention

If possible, some marketers will ask a provocative question or make a controversial statement. I write a barb that’s short enough to hook casual readers, yet short enough to fit into the thumbnail layout.

Depending on your niche, the strongest marketing response often comes by showing a thumbnail that shocks casual visitors into watching your videos, like this “raw foodie” YouTuber in “Raw Meat is All I Eat” with 1.5 million views

Include the video’s title plus a few good SEO keywords

Within the thumbnail’s text, I always use a few top keywords. Here’s a hard-hitting thumbnail with enough keywords to draw 150,000+ views, even though it’s about “The Battle a dusty historical topic.

Lighting is very important

I always make sure that my thumbnails aren’t too dark to be displayed clearly, especially on tiny mobile screens. It doesn’t matter if the surrounding area is dark, as long as you highlight whatever is the subject of your video.

As an example of good lighting on small objects, here’s “27 Gardening Hacks…” with a hefty 28 million views. I’ve learned that the smaller an item is, the brighter the lighting needs to be. Also, bright lighting on a dark background is especially helpful when you need to show an already-small subject in your thumbnail.

Check and fine-tune thumbnail performance by using A/B and split testing

Don’t be afraid to try a wide range of different images from your videos in order to figure out what works best. One of the most important factors for me is whether an image will instantly grab attention and stop casual surfers from going any further. Using a catchy image and adding the right text and graphic elements definitely bring more clickthroughs.


So, what’s the best thumbnail maker? The key is to quickly make a great presentation for each video, and this platform does it very, very well with tons of amazing video thumbnail templates to choose from.

I “tried and trashed” several other thumbnail generators before figuring out that TB is the best for me, and that’s why I recommend it in this Thumbnail Blaster review.

Click below now to try it for yourself. I think you’ll be glad you did:

Have you tried Thumbnail Blaster? Please share your own feedback!

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