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vidnami review & discount

Product Name: Vidnami

Product Description: Vidnami is a web-based video creation tool, created by Noble Samurai, that is a total revamp of the very popular video creation tool, "Content Samurai." In this Vidnami review, I'll provide you with a Vidnami DEMO video that I created, show you what the tool looks like from the user side, and give you all the pros and cons.

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Overall, Vidnami is a great improvement on Content Samurai. It’s very sleek, easy to use, and it produces high quality video. The pricing is just right, if not a bit low in my opinion (especially with the discount you get if you order through one of the buttons in this review). I highly recommend Vidnami.


In this Vidnami review I’ll give you my complete thoughts on this new video creator, which replaced the well-known video creation tool, Content Samurai. Create your video using Vidnami, then create your video thumbnail with Thumbnail Blaster and you have a killer combo!

I purchased Vidnami during launch week and quickly created a DEMO video, which you can see below.


The video creation process is very smooth … even easy to do. I was very pleased that I didn’t have to navigate to other sites and purchase assets, or spend time on other things in order to create the video.

The only “work” I did external from the user interface was taking the screenshots of the interface that I used in the video. It id a simple and painless process from start to finish. There is a wide variety of images and video clips to choose from which are coming from sites like StoryBlocks and Pexels, which can be used through Vidnami for free.

Overall I’m very pleased with Vidnami. The following is a more in depth analysis, including pros and cons, and details on each of the features.

My Vidnami Review: Video Creation

Step One: Choose a Vidnami Templates

When creating a video, the first thing you’ll do is select a template. Vidnami provides a large number of template designs to choose from, all having multiple size options, and all being completely customizable.

There are templates available of the following types:

  • Content Video
  • Influencer Video
  • Instant Ad
  • Sales Video
  • Course/Training Video
  • Property Video
  • Custom

This is the screen where you’ll choose your template. Once you choose one, you’ll have the options to either load it and use it (modifying the text and images/video clips) or modify it (change the text attributes and more).

vidnami review

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Step Two: Add your Script

Now you write (or paste) the script of your video. There are some optional advanced settings that will allow you to modify some aspects of the script generation. “Script” is when Vidnami takes your script (text) and breaks it up into different scenes with different images and/or video clips.

vidnami script

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Most of the advanced options are enabled by default. I did not change anything for the demo I embedded above. But if you want, you can disable one or more of them.

The options are:

  • bold keywords for me (enabled by default)
  • select video clips for me (enabled by default)
  • please select images for me (enabled by default)
  • select layouts for me (enabled by default)
  • add motion to images for me (enabled by default)
  • add scene transitions for me (enabled by default)
  • animate text for me (enabled by default)
  • link scenes for me (enabled by default)
  • hide text on all scenes for me (disabled by default)

Step Three: View/Modify the Scenes

Vidnami creates scenes for your script automatically, and it does a much better job that I expected! Though I did need to go in and combine a few that it had separated, it was super quick and easy to do.

vidnami review scenes

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From here you can add new scenes, remove scenes, combine scenes, add/remove images or video clips, and change any aspect of any of the scenes, including the position of the text and background image/video. You can also upload your own images or video clips.

Available Images & Video Clips

In the “Scenes” section is also where you can search for video clips and images to use in your video. The variety and quality of the media that is available to use within Vidnami is impressive. As I mentioned earlier, they pull media from Pexels and StoryBlocks.

One thing I wanted to be sure to inform you of in this Vidnami review, is that some media may require attribution, and some may have “Share Alike” requirements. Many though have no requirements. You can click the “Image Usage Options” link below the “Find Media” box and it will pull the following up, where you can select what kind of images are displayed in the search results:

media options

Also in the “Scenes” section, you can add transitions. There are a TON of transition options. Transitions are the visual effect that happens between scenes. As you can see below, Vidnami offers a large variety of transition options:


Step Four: Add Voiceover

Next, you add your voiceover. You can choose not to use any voice, record your own voice, use text to speech (pretty high quality and built-in), or upload a voice track file.

Step Five: Preview

Now the video is compiled and ready to preview! If you use voiceover the timing will probably be fine. It was for me! But if you don’t use voiceover, you may have to click the, “Manually Adjust Timing” button and adjust it. I did this, without a voiceover, and it was very quick and painless too.

vidnami review preview


As you can see in the screenshot above, this is also where you choose your audio track, if you’re using one. Some of the music is also provided by StoryBlocks, but no attribution is required, and as far as I can tell, you’re free and clear to use it in your videos with no requirements.

There are 19 genres to choose from:

  • Ambient
  • Blues
  • Bumpers & Stingers
  • Chill Out
  • Cinematic
  • Classical
  • Corporate
  • Country
  • Electronic
  • Folk
  • Hip Hop
  • Holidays & Special Events
  • Horror
  • Jazz
  • Kids & Family
  • Pop
  • Religious
  • Rock
  • World

… and 10 “moods” to choose from:

  • Angry
  • Dark
  • Epic
  • Happy
  • Inspiring
  • Love
  • Playful
  • Relaxing
  • Sad
  • Serious

You can also upload your own music track, just as you can upload your own images and video clips for your video scenes. If your video looks good, you’re DONE!

That concludes the video creation portion of my Vidnami review. Pretty easy, huh?

By default Vidnami generates a 720p video (probably to save them some server resource usage), but you can easily click the “Change” link and download a 1080p version, which I recommend.


Pricing is very good, especially with the 25% discount they’ve allowed me to offer you through the button below. But they also have a free trial offer you can take them up on by clicking here.

The regular price for Vidnami is $47/m. or $397/year (which is 30% off). But if you click the orange button below, you can take 25% off of their public pricing, making this a steak of a deal for such a powerful (and easy) video creation tool.


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Considering Vidnami is vastly superior to Content Samurai, which it replaced, while the price remains the same (as far as I remember), and considering the quality and easy of use, I think this price is very reasonable, if not a bit low.

Vidnami Review Conclusion

Overall I am very pleased with Vidnami. It allows you to create very high quality videos for a variety of purposes at a very affordable price. The process of creating video using this video creation tool is simple and painless. The media that is available is impressive and extensive.

The time it takes to create a beautiful video is minimal. It has a good balance of simplicity and customization, which isn’t easy to do with video creators like this. There were a few things I thought I was going to complain about in my video during the video creation process, but they were resolved by the time I rendered the video. In other words, they turned out to be non-issues.

I recommend Vidnami highly. If you’re on the fence, just claim the free trial they’ve allowed me to offer, and give it a shot. If you’re not satisfied you can always cancel. I for one, am very pleased with this tool and I think you will be as well.

If you’re looking for a website builder. I just reviewed one here.

4.9/5.0 Stars and well deserved.

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